Ancient Astronomy and Physics: As Above So Below

In this blog post, we discuss the connection between astronomy and physics as told by the ancient original people.

There is an ancient axiom that applies to the structure of the universe that states “As Above So Below”.

Indeed the Above is directly connected to the below as the macro (large universal scale) is connected to the micro (subatomic scale).

Astronomy and Physics

Astronomy and Physics

There are seven states of matter of energy magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids, and solids. We are familiar with gases, liquids, and solids.

Ether is the central substance that supports all other states of matter. This cental substance we know as space of in some schools of thought Prana.

Ether is pitch black an contains all other colors and substances.

Ancient Astrophysics

Astronomy and Physics

The connection between Astronomy and Physics is simple. As above (stars and planets), So Below (atoms and elections).

The ancient ancestors saw planets as electrons, the nucleus as the sun, and the solar system as atoms. There was literally no difference outside of size as the laws and principles that govern the bodies is the same.

If we look at the formulas of modern day physics used to predict the moment of bodies in a vacuum, we see that the laws that rule the motion of these bodies are the same only differing in the terms used to describe the phenomena.

Coulomb’s law describes the force between two charged particles.

Coulomb’s law can be compared to Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation

Astronomy and Physics

The earth is a giant election and the sun is a giant nucleus and you are a mini-universe.

African Astronomy

Now imagine you are standing on an electron called Earth. This Election is made of atoms and these atoms are made of smaller subatomic particles.

This occurs to infinity because it follows the law as above so below. The universe was made simple and scientist will never find the smallest particle. We see with modern particle accelerators each subatomic particle contains smaller particles.

The Ancients did not use equipment like particle accelerators and electron microscopes, they simply used their minds.

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