Ascension Meaning & Definition – Everlasting & Eternal Life

In ancient times people died consciously at the “good old age” of 7,000 years. At this time they ascended to eternity.

In this blog post we will dive into the meaning of Ascension and how it is described in the bible.

Ascension Definition

Ascension is the process by which one leaves his or her body and unites their mind with the minds of the elders of their tribe. (Black Root Science)

Unlike in ancient times, a person today can die at any age and before gaining the knowledge necessary to become full Gods. Due to this self-forgetfulness people do not consciously unite with the minds of the Elders during this cycle (6,000 years).

Your conscious mind is what makes up your personality. This personality is developed based on your experience during this life. The unconscious mind is eternal and is your first/higher self.

No human can exist without this eternal inner guide.

When it comes to Satan or the ‘made’ man of 6,000 years his/her unconscious belongs to a part of Yakub or Yahweh’s mind (or one of the 60,000 Elohim). When Satan was made Yakub gave them a collective unconscious that is held in a part of his mind.

Any given person has the free will to listen or reject their inner guide according to their nature, urges, will power, personal development and inclinations.

In the case of Black People, the original man/woman, their inner guide is eternal and they have no beginning or end. They are one of the 1 billion 8 million original Gods to inhabit the planet earth and provide their own inner guide.


Ascension Meaning

In this age, for Black people, ascension means that they will be sent to a part of the minds of the elders where they continue to perfect their character as the ancient rituals require a lifespan of 7,000 years to complete.

Thus there are two types of ascension. One is the ancient ascension practiced by our ancestors and the other is the modified modern ascension used for this age (6,000-year cycle of self-forgetfulness).

Ancient Ascension

The conscious ascension of ancient times happened after the perfection of one’s character, unification of conscious and unconscious mind and when one’s knowledge was equal to that of the elders except in lifespan.

The person’s personality developed during that life exist until the end of the universe. This is able to move unbound by space and time and is free to travel throughout all eternity to gain more universal experience and wisdom.

Their first self or unconscious part incarnates again and again forming a new personality each time.

Modern Ascension

Today due to the 6,000-year cycle of evil and self-forgetfulness (“This World” in the bible). People no longer die prior to uniting their conscious and unconscious mind.

When a person dies in this age they enter a dreamlike state or realm made of mental substance. They are given a body similar to the one that they currently have but this one is weightless and sustained by thought. Everything in these worlds is created directly by using the mind. What ‘world’ or ‘heaven’ the person ends up experiencing is dependent on his/her nature. This heaven is more permanent and does not fluctuate like the dream world.

For Satan or Yakub’s ‘made’ man their rule was set to last only 6,000 years and their existence as a physical species would only last 7,000 years (3,000 A.D.). After this time their reformation will take place only in the heavenly realms. This is what is described as the everlasting life.

They will undergo a process of continuous self improvement that will last forever. The primary difference is that they are not eternal because they have a beginning. This is in contrast to the Black Man/Woman who have no beginning. The only condition of this everlasting life is that the person does not regress back into evil as the goal is unlimited perfection.

Ascension Summary

Eternity means goodness. This is why there is no beginning or end for the original man or Black man/woman. Evil always self-destructs and is not in the nature of the universe or its creator (Black people).

The gene of Goodness was removed from Satan. This guarantees that Satan will self-destruct and cease to exist like other extinct animal species in the past.

The only difference between these animal species and Satan is that the made man/woman has a soul or individual personality. This personality is thus given the opportunity to work towards perfection in the mental realms or ‘heavens’.

The fundamental difference between God (black people) and Satan (man made in his image) is that God reaches perfection after 7,000 years. Satan on the other hand will continue to strive towards this perfection without end because they have no original self to unify with.

In this state of perfection or Divine Unity God is able to visit all heavens and create a new body to inhabit those worlds they desire to visit.

Satan, on the other hand, must always seek perfection and gain a ‘body’ according to their state of spiritual development.

The physical universe is the only place where a new personalities, beings and life can be formed. In the mental realms, (after ascension) one lives in their self aware developing personality.

Black people are the only people who can self-generate (create new personalities with the same inner guide). The Black Germ (source of melanin) is the reason why black people are eternal (have no beginning or end). Black people will always exist in the physical universe because they renew in a new personality every 7,000 years.

The established law of momentum is for all things in existence in the physical universe. The momentum on evil lasts only for 6,000 years because it does not have the ability to regenerate or no Black Germ. After 1,000 more years (time of correction), Satan will completely perish as a physical species.

Evil can only be manifested in the physical universe because it is dependent on time. In the mental realms, the wages of sin are paid for immediately and one simply would not naturally desire to remain evil or continue to commit sin.

God designed life to have a momentum of 7,000 years. After this time the life is renewed by the Black Germ (the arc of the covenant – seat of God in the body). Thus Black people have no beginning and no end.

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