True Origins of Christmas Traditions and Real Pagan History

In this blog post, we discuss the sad but true origins of Christmas traditions.

WARNING: This blog post may just ruin Christmas for you forever. You have been warned.

Pagan Origins of Christmas – Sun Worship

The pegan origins of Christmas can be traced back to the commemoration of the Winter Solstice celebrated in Europe on or around December 22nd. 

Prior to England becoming a nation the Caucasian or Anglo Saxon used the word “geol” derived from the word “yule” or phrase “Yuletide Season” to signify sun worship during the time of the winter solstice.

Origin of Christmas Decorations

Sun worship was significant for the European during this time as the days (time the sun was up) were shorter and causing a harsh climate that left much of their land barren and non-productive.

They began to worship the evergreen tree as it was the one tree that remained green during the winter. They adorned the tree with brightly color bulbs and balls to represent their worship of the sun.

Pagan Origins – Saturnalia Christmas

Similarly, in ancient Rome, the festival Saturnalia was celebrated from December 17 through December 23. This festival involved the public sacrifice of young pigs offered on the altar to make blood pudding. Some other practices during this festival included orgies, giving of gag gifts, performing of street plays, fighting, and drunkenness.

What Does the Bible Say About Celebrating Christmas – Bible on Christmas Trees


Jeremiah 10: 1-5

  1. Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel: 2. Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. 3. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. 4. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. 5. They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

Clearly, the bible does not agree with this practice and nor should any real Christian, unless you are as upright as a palm tree or a heathen who enjoys vain customs.

Council of Nicaea

 The First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. This council was convened by Emporer Constantine a known pegan. One of the purposes of this meeting was to decide on the date of Christmas. They choose this date because Saturnailia was already celebrated during this time.

The December 25th Pagan Holiday

In the Story of Civilization, Will Durant writes:

Paganism survived in the moral sense as a joyous indulgence of natural appetites; as religion, it remained only in the form of ancient rites and customs condoned or accepted and transformed by an often indulgent church. An intimate and trustful worship of saints replaced the cults of the pagan gods, and satisfied the congenial polytheism of simple or poetic minds. Statues of Isis and Horus were renamed Mary and Jesus; the Roman Lupercalia and the Feast of the Purification of Issi became the Feast of Nativity; The Saturnalia were replace by the Christmas Celebration.

History of Christmas Tree

One of the most prominent symbols during Christmas time is the, Tree. The Romans hung fertility symbols on trees to worship Bacchus, the Greek Dionysus.

The Caucasian European worshiped the evergreen tree as they were amazed by its ability to stay green during the winter. They decorated their houses with anything green that they could find. 

Origin of Christmas Lights Pagan – Yule Log

Lights were of great significance to the European as they worshiped the warmth and light that fire brought to Europe during their often foggy and inclimate weather. 

The burning of the Yule log was a reminent celebration of Musa teaching the caveman how to heat his cave in 2,000 B.C.

During the Puritain prohibition lights were placed in the window of homes to let the Catholic Priest know that the yultide was being celebrated in that home.

History of Santa Clause (Satan’s Cause)

The name Santa Clause is derived form the Dutch name “Sinter Klaas” the dutch name for St. Nicholas, a 4th Century bishop of Asia Minor.

German Mythology contest that Santa or Satan first appeared as a hairy imp named Pelz Nichol.

In Holland, The name “old Nick” was terminology for “the devil” .

After the protestant reformation the name St. Nicholas was replaced by the name Christ Kindl or Christ Kindli meaning Christ Kind in parts of Germany and Switzerland. From this name Kris Kringle, a fat elf or hairy imp, was created as the symbol for the one bearing gift during the time of Christmas.

The modern image of Santa/Satan was created in 1822 by American minister and poet Clement C. Moore in his famous poem “T’was the Night Before Christmas.” This poem described a sled pulled by reindeers and Santa’s fur trimmed suit.

The Truth About Christmas During Slavery


In 1882 Frederick Douglas relates speaks on his experience as a slave during Chistmas time. He speaks on the use of Christmas as a tool to pacify the slave. Frederick Douglas states:

“We were induced to drink, I among the rest, and when the holidays were over we all staggered up from our filth and wallowing, took a long breath and went away to our various fields of work, feeling upon the whole, rather glad to go from that which our masters had artfully deceived us into the belief was freedom, back again to the arms of slavery. It was not what we had taken it to be, nor what it would have been, had it not been abused by us. It was about as well to be a slave to master, as to be a slave to whiskey and rum. When the slave was drunk the slaveholder had no fear that he would escape to the North. It was the sober, thoughtful slave who was dangerous and needed the vigillance of his master to keep him a slave.”

Origins of Christmas Traditions  – Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed these Christmas facts and have a better understanding of the real reason behind Christmas. The reality of the history and origins of Christmas traditions. The true pagan history behind Christmas should have us at the very least question the practice. 

Master Fard Muhammad – Mahdi – Messiah – The Seven Saviors

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” – Revelaton 10:7

In this blog post, we will discuss the seven saviors sent to the people of the planet earth over the past 6,000 years. We will dive deep into the life, history and mission of the finial savior known as the Mahdi or Master Fard Muhammad.

The Seven Saviors, Messiahs or Mahdis

First Savior Rama

Rama was born in India and is sometimes referred to as Vishnu. He was a black man sent to the people living in India during their time of strife.

“As S.N. Sadasivan explains in A Social History of India, “pastoral gods or fertility deities all over India were of dark complexion, which they sung as irresistibly beautiful and religiously auspicious.”

Sadasivan continues, “The seductive charm of the black complexion has been the object of floral adoration of southern poets from ancient times and the Ramayana itself extols the ecstatic beauty of Rama’s dark color.”

Second Savior Zarathustra

Persians have started a religion based on his legened known as Zoroastrianism. His name as also been recorded as Zorro or Zoroaster.

Third Savior Quetzal

This third savior came to the people of South America and delivered what would eventually become known as the Mayan Calendar. Many Blacks migrated to Africa after this savior revealed the truth of the origins of the light races.

Forth Savior Moses


When corruption was brought to Egypt God raised Moses. Moses was brought with a dual purpose. His purpose was to give comfort to the suffering people of Egypt under Pharoah and to raise the caucasian into civilization in Europe.

For more details on this refer to our post 6000 and 4000 years ago what happened?

Fifth Savior Jesus

The fifth savior was Jesus. His teachings would eventually become the Gospel used for Christianity.

Sixth Savior Muhammad

The sixth savior was Muhammad. His teachings would eventually become traditional Islam used by the Orthodox Muslim.

The Seventh and Final Savior Master Fard Muhammad – The Messiah is Here

Master Fard Muhammad or Wallace Muhammad was born on February 26, 1877 according to the Christian Calendar.

This is the perfect date for the birth of a savior. The date is 02/26/1877

If we add 02 + 26 we get the number 10 or 1 standing behind a zero. That is the one God standing behind and backing that which was made nothing, the black man and woman. From the year we get 1877 or 7(8-1)77 showing 7 as the number of completion 3 times representing the triple darkness from which life springs. 

“For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself. And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.” John 5:26-27

This son of man would come to usher in the new world and judge this world. If this occurred 2,000 years ago then we would not still be dealing with satan’s world today. But as we can see we live in a greedy war hungry and power driven world to this day. 

This illustrates that a man will judge a man, not a spirit, but a man. According to Elijah Muhammad, “the base of spirit is form”. Spirit can only act through a form. 

The formless God or the spirit God is just a plain lie. This lie has kept us from connecting with our divine or higher self as it causes us to separate the two. The spirit of God lies in you. This spirit must work through a form. 

Wallace Fard Muhammad or W.F. Muhammad – Messiah Characteristics

Wallace Fard Muhammad traveled the entire world. He could speak 16 languages fluently and write 10 of them. He learned the language of the birds and extracted the language of the people on Mars and had knowledge of all life in the universe. He had been in North America for 20 years before making himself known in 1930. At this time he raised Elijah Muhammad and taught him for 3 years and 4 months before his departure.

Master Fard Muhammad Sister

We do not know much about Master Fard Muhammad’s Sister but we do know that he had one. His Father had a child prior to Walace Fard Muhammad who was woman.

Master Fard Muhammad Father

Much of what we know about Master Fard Muhammad’s Father comes from the teaching of Elijah Muhammad. We know that he was a man of very dark complexion and was one of the original people. He went to the Caucasus mountains and found his wife, and their union would bring Master Fard Muhammad into the world.  He could recite the history of the entire world dating back 150,000 years and knew the beginning and end of all things. 

The reason Master Fard Muhammad’s father had to go to the caucaus mountains to find a wife was to fulfill the scriptures “God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in the flesh.”

The word “likeness” reveals that he (W. F. Muhammad) was not actually a being of sinful flesh but would resemble those who were. We see from the one picture that we have of Wallace Fard Muhammad that he was of very fair skin resembling the Caucasian who he condemned in his work.

The appearance of Master Fard Muhammad also fulfills the scripture that he would come “without observation” as a “thief in the night.” 

This scripture is actually clear proof that the bible is refrencing one to come. The footnote in Revelation 16:15 that refers to Mathew 24:44 where it states “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

The True History of Master Fard Muhammad – Is The Messiah Here Already?

God came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. This statement is very clear on who Master Fard Muhammad is. He is the one who would reveal the truth of the mystery of God in the last days.

He came to the United States and took a man with a third grade education and taught him for only 3 years and 4 months. That man would go on to completely change the conscience of all black people on the planet earth. 

Think this over. He raise a man who had a speech impediment and gave him enough information to raise a nation. What other organization of that time is still standing like the Nation of Islam?

Master Fard Muhammad also gave the measurements of our solar system and taught of the seven inhabited planets within our solar system. He introduced the information that would help to create modern genetics. 

The information that he revealed was not in the textbooks in 1933. Master Fard Muhammad is that one, the savior with the wisdom of the Most High in the last days.

He built a spaceship that surpasses modern technology by millions of years. This is where he currently resides with Elijah Muhammad.

For more on the function of the mother plane see our blog post see Is Honorable Elijah Muhammad Still Physically Alive?

Master Fard Muhammad July 4th

July 4th is a very important date for the Nation of Islam and the Tribe of Shabazz (Black people globally) 

“We believe that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July, 1930—the long awaited “Messiah” of the Christians and the “Mahdi” of the Muslims.”

Muhammad, Elijah. Message To The Blackman In America (p. 164). 

Where Do White People Come From?

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the origin of the white (Caucasian) race.

In the study of biology, we know that black skin color is genetically dominant whereas white skin color is a recessive phenotype. We can then logically conclude that white must have derived from Black. While most people won’t debate this fact, how it occurred still remains a matter of controversy.

Where Do White People Come From Selective -Breeding History

In our ancient past, there was no concept of race as there was only one race or nation. This group was pitch black in complexion and the predecessor of all races and color.

Changes within a species according to modern biology can occur through natural selection (includes sexual selection) or artificial selection.

What process occurred to create the modern races of today?

When we study the case of the transgenic mouse we see that genes can be breed in an out of a given original species to produce a phenotype unlike the original.


In the study of population genetics, we observe that variation occurs primarily due to mutation and selection.

Selective breeding or artificial selection is defined as “the process by which humans use animal breeding and plant breeding to selectively develop particular phenotypic traits (characteristics).” [1]

Is it possible that this process was used to create the races of mankind?

The Origin of Race – Selective Breeding History


The first selective breeding or artificial selection experiment took place on the human race 6,000 years ago.

A Black Scientist by the name of Yakub discovered a gene within black people that could be brought out through selective breeding.

Prior to the time of Yakub, humans existed as one pitch black “blue black” race for 78 trillion years.

Yakub wanted to understand all that was contained within the man and made it his mission to produce the flesh and blood expression of this recessive gene. His experiment would give birth to a new people for the purpose of manifesting all that is within that gene.

Elijah Muhammad described this recessive gene as a “germ” prior to the common terminology now utilized by modern genetics to describe genetic recessive genes. According to

“This man, Yakub, discovered the germ of the black man, that he had two people in him, and learn through study and experimenting on The Germ that the second germ could produce a powerful people that would be able to rule that which they came from. They would be able to rule for around 6,000 years or until the father of the Aboriginal produced One Superior to his man.”

Elijah Muhammad

According to Black Roots Science, “God is perfect and good. He/she has been so ever since eternity and has never known other than complete perfection. Thanks to Yakub’s idea, a creation has been brought about wherein God can experience other than goodness (commonly called evil).”

Where Do White People Come From?


6,000 years ago on the is of Pelan (Patmos) about 30 miles from the Aegean sea the Universes’ first artificial selection or selective breeding experiment occurred.

This experiment would start with 60,000 volunteers known as Elohim who would create all the non-black races of the world.

For More On This Subject See The Blog Post – 6,000 Years Ago and 4,000 Years Ago – What Happened?

White People Origins (Origin of the White Man)

According to Black Roots Science, all races were made from the original race.

“By suppressing the dominant black gene and slowly unfolding the recessive light gene over a period of seven generations of offspring, or 200 years. This caused the appearance of the first light race, born to Black people. After another 200 years of deliberate and careful breeding, they caused the second light race to appear out of the first. Then 200 years later the third race appeared and finally, 66 years after the appearance of the 3rd race (yellow race) the 4th race (Caucasians) appeared.”

Black Root Science

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to comment below.

African Hair History – Origin Of Natural Nappy Hair

In this blog post,  we are going to share the rarely taught origin of nappy or Afro-textured hair. When you search the internet for the history of “afro hair”, you will find a number of websites that speak about the origins of different African hairstyles. However, we are going to dive a little deeper in this blog post discussing how the texture of kinky hair came to be.

Originally, according to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the hair on top of the heads of black people was like that of their eyebrows. If this is true, then what event in the past caused such a dramatic change?

The African Origin Of Nappy Hair And Current Human Body Structure

Nappy Hair Meaning and Definition

“Nappy hair” also referred to as Afro-textured hair is characterized by its course and curly texture.

What Does Nappy Hair Look Like?

African Hair History

According to Wikipedia, Afro-textured hair is often difficult to describe as there is a wide range of possible variations. “Those variations include pattern (mainly tight coils), pattern size (watch spring to chalk), density (sparse to dense), strand diameter (fine, medium, coarse), and feel (cottony, wooly, spongy).”

Nappy Hair Origin

African Hair History

50,000 years ago there was a scientist named Shabazz who took a group of people, of whom modern man descends from into the Jungle to prove that man could overcome the wild animals there. This period of time is commonly stated by the Nation of Islam as the origin of kinky hair.

In the book Supreme Wisdom by Elijah Muhammad, it states:

“The origin of kinky hair came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, fifty thousand years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure life in East Asia (Africa) and overcome the beast there. But, he failed to get the others to agree with him. He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beast and we have.”

Elijah Muhammad

The was more of a migration than what Elijah described, but the point is that they moved away from civilization into the jungles. Some are still living in this condition to this day and are known as the San people, Pygmies, and Australian Aborigines. 

Some of our ancestors moved into Asia and America which were geographically different than they are today. At that time there was a large continent called Lemuria or Mu where modern Australia is now. There was also another large continent called Atlantis where the Caribian islands are today. 

After about 42,000 years of living in the jungle, our 12 active strands of DNA were reduced to 2 active strands. This is the condition that our bodies are in today. This is all due to losing aspects of our character in preparation to make new people who never existed before in the universe.  (Black Root Science)

Prior to 50,000 Years Ago

This time period was preparation for an event that would occur 44,000 years later or 6,000 years ago. The events of 50,000 years ago started a natural process of self-forgetfulness where we would begin to lose aspects of our character and knowledge of self. 

This would help to alter our bodies to allow our recessive genes to be physically expressed. Prior to this time even having an albino child was not physically possible we only knew about it as a possibility in the mental realms. 

The animals and plants were also very different prior to this time. People did not eat meat of any kind. In fact, there were no animals who ate and hunted other animals. All animals ate vegetation. There were some small that ate only dead flesh to help them decompose. 

Science Of African Hair History

African Hair History

Kinky hair by contrast to the hair of the aboriginal black man is reflective of the tensing of the muscles necessary to the survival of the people during this time period.

In science, we have come to the understanding that movements necessary for survival purposes moved from the deliberate to the unconscious part of us.

This means that genetic changes for survival purposes eventually become permanent second nature.

In fact, according to Keith Eric Grant Ph. D., in an essay entitled Imagery, Movement, and the Dynamic Dance of Life, he states “We might benefit from such control by never carrying unconscious tension in a muscle, thereby obviating many benefits of massage. More likely, our early ancestors would have been so slow in responding to attacking bears and the like that they would have become part of some food chain. We need our ability to learn and use neuromuscular patterns in order to balance and move quickly and effectively.”

Simply put during this time period we became less delicate.

Black Hair History Facts

African Hair History

If this is the case, and we have been out of the jungle for such an extended period of time, then why has the kinky hair and strong body structure been maintained in our genetics?

The answer to this question may be found in the study of ideokinesis (the repeated ideation of a movement, without volitional physical effort).

Imagination and visualization have been utilized to manifest realities not only at the generational interval but within the present moment.

According to Eric Franklin in the publication Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery, he emphasizes that “for any improvement in alignment to be permanent, the changes need to become part of your body image — the new alignment pattern needs to become part of your identity, or you will always slip back into old habits.”

Kinky hair is simply engraved in our unconscious body image as a result of our time in the jungle 50,000 years ago. This was actually preparation for the work of a future scientist by the name of Yakub.

For More On Our Ancient History Check Out The Blog Post –  6000 Years ago and 4000 Years Ago – What Happened

Natural Black Hair & Natural Hair Movement

African Hair History

We hope that you have a better understanding of the origin of kinky hair. The natural hair movement has become really popular among black women. There are a number of black YouTubers that teach how to create various styles and how to care for black hair. This has helped many black people not only express themselves but also gain a sense of pride.

If you have any additional information on this topic feel free to leave a comment below.


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Sweigard, Lulu E., Human Movement Potential — Its Ideokinetic Facilitation, Harper & Row, Lanham, Md, 1974

Origin Of The Moon – Where Did The Moon Come From?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the Origin of the Moon. We will answer the question “Where did the moon come from?” and the Origin of the word Moon.

Giant Impact Hypothesis – Really?

The leading theory as proposed by modern-day scientist is the “giant impact theory”. This is just not that kind of blog post. The theory states that there a large object crashed into early Earth and caused the formation of the Moon [1]. This theory is simply a contradiction to what actually occurs experimentally when you crash particles in a vacuum.  If you crash two objects in a vacuum you get a bunch of smaller versions of that object. Modern particle accelerators test this and the result is the same every time, an explosion resulting in smaller subatomic particles.

Above Image: A detector view of a proton-antiproton collision

So we still have the question, How was the Moon Formed?

Origin of The Moon

Origin Of The Moon

The moon was separated from the earth 66 trillion years ago. The survivors of this event remained on the larger part called Earth.

Elijah Muhammed states that the formation of the moon was the result of a frustrated scientist who saught to all of the people of our planet.

“One of Our God-Scientists, 66 trillion years ago, as God taught me, tried His best to satisfy His mind by trying to destroy us. But we are here today, and we see His idea right up there – they call it the Moon.”

Elijah Muhammad

“A Blackman tried to destroy the Blackman, so Allah taught me, but he failed. He couldn’t destroy himself, because he was the creator; so, he left some of us back here right on it. That was a long, long time ago, so God taught me that it was in the making of the moon. In His effort to destroy the Blackman, He caused a new world of thought to come in.”

Elijah Muhammad

Where Did the Moon Come From?

Where Did the Moon Come From

There is no more clear and concise explanation on how the Moon was formed than the account given by Elijah Muhammed in the book Flag of Islam. He is very specific in detailing the formation of the Moon. Furthermore, he was writing and speaking of these things before man had reached the moon. Scientist now confirms in the very least that the moon is made up of the same material as the earth but simply lacks water.

Elijah describes the deportation of the mood as follows:

“He went to work by attempting to drill a tube into the Earth’s surface. It must have reached approximately the center of the Earth. Then he filled it with high explosives which we call dynamite. However, it was 30 percent more powerful than the present dynamite. Then he set it off. The explosion blasted away a piece of our then – Earth, which according to the MOON’S diameter is approximately 2,160 miles or about one – third the size of our planet Earth. That part (MOON) and this part (Earth) were one planet. After that part that you call MOON was blasted away from this part, to the distance of approximately 12,000 miles, she turned over and emptied the water onto this part which we call Earth, depriving herself of life.”  (FOI Chapter 3)

Elijah Muhammad

Moon Word Origin

Moon Word Origin

In our ancient past, prior to the physical deportation of the moon, our entire planet was named “Moon”.  This was 66 trillion years ago.

“The blasting away of MOON by an enemy that robbed the MOON of its life (water) and poured it onto this part of the planet Earth can also be compared to the evil white slave-traders, guided by John Hawkins, the explorer, to come among us and take us by force and bring us to this part of our Earth among strangers whom our fathers knew not.”

Elijah Muhammad

Formation of the Moon Significance

Formation of the Moon

 An ancient group of black people lived on the Earth for 12 trillion years prior to the separation or deportation of the Moon.

This story illustrates that God is the originator of all planets, moons, and stars in the Universe. It also illustrates that we should not separate the supreme being from the blackman/women as they are one and the same.

This story illustrates the fact that the moon was made and not created from the formless substance called space through thought. Thus when the moon was made it served as a sign, lifeless and baron.

The moon has a direct effect on life on Earth.  Elijah Muhammad expounds on this point, “The pouring forth of the lifeblood of the nation from the womb of the woman every 28 days compares with the rotation of the MOON around our planet.”

Elijah Muhammad contest that the moon was to serve as a sign.

“We used to say, and many of us still say, that Yakub was the first God of murder, which is true of his race (the white race) that he made. Now, the God who tried to destroy us along with himself, his effort to do so, caused the making of our MOON. The God of the MOON had murder and the destruction of the human family in his mind. He was not successful in doing so. Allah (God) used this history of that God to teach us what is in the mind of this people (the white race).”

Elijah Mihammad

Elijah Muhammad continues to make the connection between the deportation of the moon and American slavery.

“A Blackman tried to destroy the Blackman, so Allah taught me, but he failed. He couldn’t destroy himself, because he was the creator; so, he left some of us back here right on it. That was a long, long time ago, so God taught me that it was in the making of the moon. In His effort to destroy the Blackman, He caused a new world of thought to come in.”

Elijah Muhammad

“The MOON, the sign of EQUALITY. It was equal until it was torn away from the Earth and lost its water. Water is the base of life. This is the reason that Allah (God) has taught me that the MOON is in our Flag. Among other things, the MOON and its history compares to our history in being taken from our main native land and Black people.”

Elijah Muhammad

For More On Our Ancient History Check Out The Blog Post – 6000 Years Ago and 4000 Years Ago – What Happened?

Origin Of the Moon – Conclusion

We hope you have a better understanding of how the moon was formed. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

6000 Years Ago and 4000 Years Ago: What Happened?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss two important events in ancient history.  One of these events occurred 6000 years ago and the other event occurred 4000 years ago.  These events shape our current history today.

6000 Years Ago Human Civilization

6000 years ago

6000 years ago, or 6600 years ago to be more precise a man named Yakub took 59,999  volunteers to the island of Palan (Patmos).  On this island, he would perform the first artificial selection experiment. This experiment with last about 600 years before creating a complete transgenetic result.

What is interesting about this experiment is that it was not tested on animals but it was tested and performed and carried out on actual human beings.  At this time everyone on the planet Earth had near pitch black skin.

“We never had but one nation and one race. We didn’t have a race, as such, we had a nation. Race comes from the making of something from another.” Elijah continues, “we find history teaches that the Earth was populated by the Black Nation ever since it was created but the history of the white race actually does not take us Beyond 6000 years. “

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub was the first to discover that there existed recessive germs, alleles or genes within living organisms that would be different from the original if physically extracted.

Yakub learned of his mission by playing with steel.  When he was playing with still he saw that unlike attracts and like repels.

“The piece attracting and drawing the other under its power. In this, he saw an unlike human being, made to attract others, who could, with the knowledge of tricks and lies, rule the original black man”

Elijah Muhammad

“When Yacoub was 6 years old, one day he was sitting down playing with two pieces of Steel. He noticed the magnetic power in the still attracting the other. He looked up to his uncle and said;” Uncle, when I get to be an old man, I am going to make a people who shall rule you. ” the uncle said:” what will you make; Something to make mischief and cause Bloodshed in the Land. ” Yakub said:” nevertheless, uncle, I know that which you do not know. “

Elijah Muhammad

The Island of Pelan – 6000 Years Ago – The Experiment


The process of human artificial selection began on the island of Pelan or Patmos 6,600 years ago. This process was a pivotal moment not only on our planet but as it relates to the entire universe. This process would not only bring a “new man” into existence but is also the source for new animals, and extraterrestrial beings.

For more on these Extraterrestrial Beings Check Out Our Blog Post Extraterrestrial Species.

The experiment would take 600 years to complete and resulted in the different races of today. Elijah Muhammad explains the process of grafting (artifical selection):

“The first man here was black, then when he started grafting out of him to get to white, he was grafting for 200 years. For 200 years, it took him that length of time to get the brown baby out of black. Yakub found the brown germ in us while studying in college. He discovered in the germ of the black man that he had a brown germ in him or that he had 2 – we will say 2 babies – one brown and one black. He kept looking at that germ – brown – and he discovered that he could graft it out of the black man, take that brown germ, keep it to itself and keep grafting it until he took the  brown germ out and replace it with a more different color, if he could just keep taking the more lighter brown one that came, and keep it to itself, then kill off the brown one, and he did that for 600 years. All through grafting, this was done, and every time he’d graft one, it was weaker than the other: The brown baby was weaker than his father, the black man; the brown baby was stronger than the yellow baby, and the yellow baby, who produced the white baby, was a little stronger than the white, base on the nearness back to the father of [all the races] black man.”

Elijah Muhammad

This is the way it is done today to create transgenetic species today. Below is a depiction of the creation of the transgenic mouse (lab rat). Notice the process of starting with the darker original and ending with a product pale or absent of this color is the same.


Modern Science Attest To The 6000 Year Ago Experiment


According to a Journal Article Entitled Neolithic mitochondrial haplogroup H genomes and the genetic origins of Europeans, appearing in the Australian Centre For Ancient DNA publication collection, written by modern professors and scholars Paul Brotherton, Wolfgang Haak, Jennifer Templeton, Guido Brandt, Julien Soubrier, Christina Jane Adler, Stephen M. Richards, Clio Der Sarkissian, Robert Ganslmeier, Susanne Friederich, Veit Dresely, Mannis van Oven, Rosalie Kenyon, Mark B. Van der Hoek, Jonas Korlach, Khai Luong, Simon Y.W. Ho, Lluis Quintana-Murci, Doron M. Behar, Harald Meller, Kurt W. Alt, Alan Cooper & The Genographic Consortium reveal that modern European can genetically date his or her origin to 4000 BC (6,000 years ago). In the abstract it states:

“Haplogroup H dominates present-day Western European mitochondrial DNA variability (>40%), yet was less common (~19%) among Early Neolithic farmers (~5450 BC) and virtually absent in Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. … Our results reveal that the current diversity and distribution of haplogroup H were largely established by the Mid Neolithic (~4000 BC)”

Alan Cooper & The Genographic Consortium

In another article titled Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans by Iosif Lazaridis, Wolfgang Haak, Alan Cooper possibly suggest that Europeans come from an recent Asian (yellow) ancestor referred to as the “Basal Eurasian”. In the abstract it states:

“We sequenced the genomes of a ∼7,000-year-old farmer from Germany and eight ∼8,000-year-old hunter-gatherers from Luxembourg and Sweden. We analysed these and other ancient genomes with 2,345 contemporary humans to show that most present-day Europeans derive from at least three highly differentiated populations: west European hunter-gatherers, who contributed ancestry to all Europeans but not to Near Easterners; ancient north Eurasians related to Upper Palaeolithic Siberians, who contributed to both Europeans and Near Easterners; and early European farmers, who were mainly of Near Eastern origin but also harboured west European hunter-gatherer related ancestry. We model these populations’ deep relationships and show that early European farmers had ∼44% ancestry from a ‘basal Eurasian’ population that split before the diversification of other non-African lineages.”

Alan Cooper

It clearly states that at least some European ancestry follows “a ‘basal Eurasian’ population that split before the diversification of other non-African lineages.”

Elijah Muhammad puts this simply that 200 years after the appearance of the Yellow race was the appearance of the white race.

The Ultimate Purpose of The 6000 Year Cycle

6,000 year cycle

There is no better explanation on why our ancient ancestors would undergo such a process than the one given by Elijah Muhammad.  Remember, Yakub said:” nevertheless, uncle, I know that which you do not know.’ Elijah Muhammad explains that it was a scientific removal of a part that of us that simply was contrary to the construct and nature of the Universe.

“Now since he has discovered this essence, today we are under the God (Allah) to do away with that very essence in us so that no other man can make another people who are different from us. This will never happen again. That is why you are taught that you will be born again physically. This rebirth is in order to get rid of that wicked material in the very essence of the sperm of the Black Man. This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people.”

Elijah Muhammad

4,000 Years ago – What Happened?

After being exiled the made man began to degenerate morally and physically. They were left without basic knowledge of cleanliness, hygiene, and civilization for 2,000 years. Elijah Muhammed goes as far as to say that monkeys and the primates of today came from this time period of degeneration.

4,000 Years Ago – Moses (Musa) Brings Civilization to Europe


Shortly after the “new man” was made 6,000 years ago he was exiled to Europe for causing mischief in East Asia (paradise). At the time the Middle East was a place where people live in absolute peace. This peace was disrupted with the introduction of this newly made man.

The exile the transgenetic human would last for 2,000 years before God sent them a prophet to civilize them. This prophet was Musa or Moses in the bible.

Moses taught the caveman the basics of civilization. His mission was to bring the made man back into the knowledge of civilization so that he could become ruler of the earth as their maker Yakub intended for them.

Moses “brought them out of the caves; taught them to believe in Allah; taught them to wear clothes; how to cook their food; how to season it with salt; what beef they should kill and eat; and, how to use fire for their service. Moses taught them against putting the female cow under burden.”

Elijah Muhammad

This was not an easy process for Moses and he a hard time civilizing the people of Europe. Nonetheless, he was successful in bringing the Indo-European out of the caves and setting them on the path to becoming rulers of the planet earth. In fact, Elijah Muhammad goes as far as to say that the Caucasians “were given the knowledge and power to bring every living thing, regardless of its kind of life, into subjection.”

Modern Science Attest To The 4000 Year Ago Civilization of The Caveman

Modern scholars confirm that a great civilization event occurred in Europe approximately around the same time that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad claims that Musa (Moses) taught the European civilization.

In a journal article entitled, Massive migration from the steppe was a source for Indo-European languages in Europe, scholars Wolfgang Haak, Bastien Llamas, and Alan Cooper, say that drastic migration, language, and cultural changes occurred in Europe 4,500 years ago. In the article published in 2015 in the Earth an Environmental Sciences Publications Collection it says:

“Western and Eastern Europe came into contact ~4,500 years ago, as the Late Neolithic Corded Ware people from Germany traced ~75% of their ancestry to the Yamnaya, documenting a massive migration into the heartland of Europe from its eastern periphery. This steppe ancestry persisted in all sampled central Europeans until at least ~3,000 years ago, and is ubiquitous in present-day Europeans.

Alan Cooper – Earth an Environmental Sciences Publications Collection

ACAD Director Professor Alan Cooper says:

“What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4500 years ago, and we don’t know why. Something major happened, and the hunt is now on to find out what that was.”

Alan Cooper

Well, we know that “something major happened” and that was the arrival of Musa.

The article continues:

“We have established that the genetic foundations for modern Europe were only established in the Mid-Neolithic, after this major genetic transition around 4000 years ago,” says Dr Haak. “This genetic diversity was then modified further by a series of incoming and expanding cultures from Iberia and Eastern Europe through the Late Neolithic.”

Alan Cooper

6000 Years Ago and 4000 Years Ago: What Happened? – Conclusion

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Yakub Explained: Yakubian Fact or Fiction

Yakub Early Life and Childhood

Yakub was born in the year  4770 BC.  He was an introverted child who preferred to spend time alone. He loved to think about and solve problems individually. He had a magnetic  Personality and other children wanted to be around him.

He thought about and concentrated on every subject that entered his mind no subject was too taboo for his imagination.

During his time there was a 30% dissatisfaction rate within the global population. By the time he was 14, he had already solved many of the problems that caused the cultural gap between children and adults. In other words, he solved problems typical and adolescents that cause children to rebel against adults.

Yakub Plays With Steel

Yakub who discovered his mission early in life after playing with steel. He discovered that the magnetic polls that existed within a steel represented the tension of opposites that existed within human beings.

According to Elijah Muhammad Yakub playing with steel was a pivotal moment in his life and in the history of the Universe.

“He learned his future from playing with steel. It is steel and more steel that this made race (the white race), are still playing with. Steel has become the most useful of all metal for the people. What he really saw in playing with the two pieces of steel was the magnetic power of attraction.”

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub’s Wife


His wife’s name was Maitseye, which means “Miss Manners.” She was very serious and organized and was more mature than her peers. She was the opposite of Yakub making them perfect soulmates.

After being married Yakub and his wife started to recruit followers to take part in a special mission.

They began to teach a new doctrine. This doctrine was previously unheard of, they begin to teach that the peace and prosperity of the ancestors was a result of not being able to express their creativity fully.

Yakub taught and proved that there were certain aspects of our imagination and bodies that were deliberately suppressed by leaders and the 24 elders. He taught that the freedom and peace that they were experiencing was false because they were denied knowledge of aspects of mind and body. (Black Roots Science)

Yakub The Father Of Mankind

Most people were opposed to this new teaching. In the Holy Quran, when the angels are presented with this information they question the result.

“And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You.” He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know.”

Holy Quran 2:30

It is important to remember that even though Yakub was the first to bring evil into the Universe that only knew peace he was not evil. Yakub was destined for this work as it helps the universe to discover all that is within itself. Our Universe seeks an increase in knowledge and experience. The original people of our planet are considered the wisest in the Universe because they are willing to experiment on themselves for the sake of wisdom.

“Yakub was the same as we until he entertained the idea of making an enemy for us. Yakub himself was not an enemy but his wisdom, knowledge, and know-how, to make an enemy for us caused him to be classified then as being a chief devil or enemy of the righteous.”

Elijah Muhammad

Island of Pelan or Patmos

There is evidence of the making of a moral from the essence (sperm) of another in the Holy Quran.

“When your Lord said to the Angels: Surely I am going to create a mortal of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.”

Holy Qur-an Sharrieff 15:28

There were a number of people during that time who were curious about the teaching and were willing to follow Yakub and Maitseye. These individuals would eventually become the 60,000 Elohim who founded this world for the 6,000-year cycle of self-forgetfulness.

These 60,000 volunteers would be taken to the island of Palan to begin an experiment that would last six thousand years.

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God’s Timeline – 6,000 Year Rule

 Yakub’s teachings which sparked the beginning of a 6000-year cycle.  This cycle would be known as the cycle of self-forgetfulness or ” this world” in the Bible.

 This cycle would bring about a new people with a nature that opposed to peace.  In fact,  even the plants and animals of today are different by Nature then the original animal and plant totems.

 For example, there were no blood sucking animals or parasites in our ancient Society.  These animals are a direct reflection of the foul nature, thought processes, and actions of the people.

 The Earth’s magnetic field records the development of life from the thought processes and minds of it.’s inhabitants.  Animals and plants receive their developmental direction from this magnetic field.

 Each animal represents a partial manifestation of a portion of our minds and aspect of the character.  Modern scientists, have identified these portions of the brain and have categorized them as the mammalian brain, reptilian brain, and insectoid brain.

 These animals developed from a part of the human mind.  This is in direct contrast to the teachings of modern-day evolution.

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The Elders Prepared For The Arrival Of Yakub

There are two events in our ancient history that show evidence of the preparation prior to the arrival of Yakub and his world. These events are the deportation of the moon and self-isolation in the jungles of East Asia.

Deportation of the Moon – A Sign

The story of the Deportaion of the Moon shows that within the Original Man was a dormant part that was capable of opposing peace. The God Shabazz who made the moon wanted to destroy the entire population of the Earth.

“We used to say, and many of us still say, that Yakub was the first God of murder, which is true of his race (the white race) that he made. Now, the God who tried to destroy us along with himself, his effort to do so, caused the making of our MOON. The God of the MOON had murder and the destruction of the human family in his mind. He was not successful in doing so. Allah (God) used this history of that God to teach us what is in the mind of this people (the white race).”

Elijah Muhammad

The deportation of the moon is analogous to losing knowledge of self during our enslavement. Elijah compares the two events.

“The blasting away of MOON by an enemy that robbed the MOON of its life (water) and poured it onto this part of the planet Earth can also be compared to the evil white slave-traders, guided by John Hawkins, the explorer, to come among us and take us by force and bring us to this part of our Earth among strangers whom our fathers knew not.”

Elijah Muhammad

“Here, we the Black man in America stand as a MOON devoid of wisdom and the knowledge of self and others; and the MOON is devoid of water.”

Elijah Muhammad

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Jungles of East Asia

Another scientist, 50,000 years ago, by the name of Shabazz, decided to make a tougher people. This would prepare us for Yakub’s experiment and help us to endure slavery and disease that would be introduced by the made man.

“The origin of kinky hair came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, fifty thousand years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure life in East Asia (Africa) and overcome the beast there. But, he failed to get the others to agree with him. He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beast and we have.”

Elijah Muhammad

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Yakubian Doctrine

Yakub would come to be known as “the evil scientist” (even though he was not evil).  This is because he is the first one to bring violence, murder, and deceit to the universe.

 Yakub simply knew that “if your peace could be destroyed it was not worth much.”  He reasoned that the ancient people experienced peace and freedom simply because they had not experienced evil and ignorance which was suppressed by the Elders.

The Elders knew of Yakub and his destiny. In fact, they had prepared for his arrival 44,000 years prior to his arrival and mission. Yakub was unaware of this but was determined to complete his work.

The Elders are the only ones who know the destiny of each soul.  These Elders are wise to absolute perfection and possess what Jesus described as “the peace that passeth understanding”.  They know end and beginning and remained undisturbed by Yakub’s experiment.

 In the scriptures as the war between God and rebellious angels. In the scriptures, God “cast the rebels out of heaven.” In truth, the 24 Elders simply sent Yakub to the island of Patmos to complete his mission undisturbed.

Yakub possessed an unusual intelligence as he was a descendant of a new people who had their native intelligence altered 44,000 years prior by self-isolation.

Yakub Meaning

The name Yakub means “big head scientist”.  Yakub would be known by this name until he came into the fullness of the understanding of his mission.  He realizes that his mission was that of a  creator,  God of the non-blacks,  and patriarch of the Israelites.  After this realization, he would no longer be called Yakub but would be called Yahweh.

What Is Yakub’s Purpose?

“Now since he has discovered this essence, today we are under the God (Allah) to do away with that very essence in us so that no other man can make another people who are different from us. This will never happen again. That is why you are taught that you will be born again physically. This rebirth is in order to get rid of that wicked material in the very essence of the sperm of the Black Man. This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people.”

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub’s mission and purpose for making white people was to give flesh to that part of black people that lay dormant. Scientist of in the past, especially during the history of the deportation of the moon, have attempted to wipe all black people off of the planet. Such an action was so contrary to the peace that Black people had experienced for trillions of years at a time that it was truly an unexplainable phenomenon. When Yakub discovered this suppressed germ he found the very part of us that caused us to act contrary to good.  This recessive germ would manifest an aspect contrary to the nature of Black People.

“By giving this recessive germ flesh, God and (Good) was able to see, experience and understand Satan and (Evil) first hand. Furthermore, Elijah Muhammed clearly states “This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people.”

Elijah Muhammad

The Destiny of Yakub’s Made People

It is very important to understand where we are in history as told according to us. Our calendar works in 25,000 years periods and we are essentially at the midpoint. With time moving like a pendulum we are at a critical point in the span of Universal time and our minds and the magnetic field of the earth are at a turning point.

“Our God taught me that in the year “1” of our calendar time of 25,000 years, before we allowed another God to rule, the scientists said in the year 9,000, there will be a man born in that year, his name will be Yakub, and he will make a people who will live for 6,000 years.”

Elijah Muhammad

Understand this is the end of the cycle of self-forgetfulness and it is time for the mentally dead to wake up to their birthright.

Elijah Muhammed explains our mission at this time.

“We played sleep while they worked; now we are awaking and will build a new world which will make yours look like child’s play. We have above you seven inhabited worlds. They are with us. These seven worlds or heavens, the stars and the moon, show the weight of our brains.”

Elijah Muhammad

How much longer will Yakub’s Man Rule?

Yakub’s man will continue to rule as long as we continue to follow him in his filth and not the God of righteousness. We have to accept our own and do for self. We do not have to look outside of ourselves because we are “the ones.”

Elijah Muhamma explains, “Their time expired in 1914, but they have been given an extension of time, until the black man could be awakened out of his 6,000 year

Regardless of when we decide to get our act together there is an ultimate time limit. According to Elijah Muhammed Yakub warned his made man of this.

Elijah states that Yakub “told his people, the white people, “When you have lived on this earth 6,000 years, don’t try to run the 7th, because the in the 7,000th year, your brother coming from the East, He’s going to eat you up.”

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