Master Fard Muhammad Father – The Story of Alphonso

Master Fard Muhammad’s history is surrounded by mystery. There is some information though it is hard to find on his father. We get information from a number of leaders of the Nation of Islam like Mother Tynetta Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Master Fard Muhammad Father

Master Fard Muhammad’s father is known by the name Master Alfonso Ibin Allah. Some say that he was born in 1822 in Teman, Arabia and it was eventually announced that he was actually a member of an elite group of scientists known as the 24 elders. He in fact was known as the 24th Elder, Allah, which means as the 24th scientist he is the one who is to lead and judge.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad described the master Alphonso as a jet black man.  This description of Master Alfonso as a jet black man relates to the fact that he was in original man and that’s his bloodline did not have any level of interbreeding or mixture with any of the other races. As the 24th scientist Master Alfonso would know the future in advance.

Master Fard Muhammad’s father wanted to go in search of the Lost Tribe of Shabazz. This tribe was taken into bondage in a Strange Land that was not their own. Master Alfonso would attempt to enter America but was denied entry. As a result of this, he decided to produce a son that would be able to enter America more easily than a pitch-black man of royalty.

It was believed that this lost tribe was the key to unlocking the DNA of the original people of the planet Earth. This DNA had been in a dormant state for the past 50000 years. There were originally 12 strands of DNA currently 10 of these strands are dormant.


Making Master Fard Muhammad – Master Fard Muhmmad Father

Master Fard Muhmmad’s Father decided to produce a son who would be able to travel freely throughout the world. Master Alphonso got a wife from the caucus mountains of Europe and cast seven devils out of her before producing children. First he produced Master Fard Muhmmad’s sister and then on the second try he would produce Master Fard Muhammad who would be the savior for the lost found Nation of Islam (black people in the Diaspora).