Types of Suns – Star List Explained

In this blog post, we discuss the Seven Types of Suns or Stars. We list the tiers of the Sun that exist withing the universe and the different kinds of stars in order from smallest to largest.

Seven Types of Suns

There are seven tiers or types of suns (stars) in the universe. These seven tiers are like circles within circles.

Different Kinds of Stars in Order from Smallest to Largest

The first tier of star are suns like the one in our solar system and neighboring solar systems. These suns have planets revolving around them making up a solar system. These are solar systems like Alpha Centauri and Sirius.

The second tier of star are larger suns that have solar systems revolving around them. The third tier is formed as groups from the second tier revolve around a larger central star. This pattern is repeated up to the seventh tier.

The creation of Suns start at the seventh tier and work itself down to the first. The higher the tier the stronger the magnetic of gravitational pull.

The higher tier suns exists as purely magnetic suns for a very long time before condensing. These suns do not have any light substance present to make the visible and are thus called black holes. Only their magnetic (gravitational) pull is detected by modern scientist.

Types of Stars List

The reason why black holes remain black is that they have not yet condensed or developed into electrical or light substance. They also do not have ether or space around themselves, which is necessary for light to travel. Thus all light around these suns appear to get sucked into total darkness. They are at the highest state of matter which is magnetism.

The seventh tier and largest star is a galactic or magnetic sun and has a group of galaxies revolving around it.

Dying Stars Explained

Some first-tier suns revert to less energetic forms of matter and become gas orbs. These gas orbs are similar to Jupiter but much larger in size. They are known by modern scientist as black, red, or white dwarfs. Some condense further into large solid large planets that are not suitable for life due to their high magnetic quality.

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Origin of Ancient Biology and Genetics

In this blog post, we discuss the origin of ancient biology and genetics. Ancient biology from the perspective of the original man and woman is much different than what is taught in schools. In fact, in many cases, it is the exact opposite.

Origin of Biology

What is Ancient Biology?

Biology is the study of the 144,000 aspects of perfect character and the parts of the body that they correspond to. These 144,000 aspects of perfect character are the origin of the 144,000 animal and plant totems.

Why is character important?

Understanding character is important as all disease and mutation is a result of neglecting one or more aspects of character.

Ancient Biology

How are the animals and plants formed?

Animal and Plant originate from the body of the original man and woman. Each part of the body corresponds to an original animal.

Who is the Original Man?

The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the planet Earth, Father of Civilization, and God of the Universe.

Who is the Original Woman?

The Original Woman is the Asiatic Black Woman; the Maker; the Owner; the Womb of the planet Earth, Mother of Civilization, and Goddess of the Universe.

Origin of Genetics

Why do animals and plants only represent one aspect of character?

Animals and plans are not unified beings as humans are. They reflect the integrity of character of the dominant society.

What are some aspects of perfect character?

“They include courage, wisdom, goodness, strength, grace, honesty, authority, gentleness, abundance, beauty, friendliness, unlaziness, humor, and many, many more totaling 144,000. The vast majority of the parts or aspects of character do not have names in the English language. In the original languages, every aspect has two names, one for the animal and one for the plant. One original plant and one original animal were created for each aspect of your character.”

Black Root Science

Where are the perfect animals and plant totems?

The 144,000 animal and plant totems are held in the custody of the 144,000 judges.

Ancient Genetics


What about the foul and poisonous animals?

Moral character creates beutiful forms and immoral character creates ugly forms. Modern scientist have found the effects of certain word on water molecules. All foul and poisonous animals that we see today come from the character of the dominate society. For the past 6,000 years we have been experiencing the world of the man/woman made from the recessive genes of the original man and woman. This cycle of evil was started on the island of Patmos (Pelan) through a process of selective breeding (artificial selection). While the original man/woman has perfect character under their perfect society, the recessive man/woman is imperfect and lacks the seat of morality, thus animals and plants reflect the dominate society. All poisonous and foul plants and animals are deviations from the original 144,000 plant and animal totems and aspects of perfect character. For example, the blood-sucking animals of today are representative of the greed of the dominant society.

What about evolution?

Evolution teaches that man evolved from an animal. The opposite is true. All animals and plants are derived from a part of the mind of man/woman. The law of evolution is really the law of integrity. In other words, plants and animals evolve from the integrity of character of the dominant society.

How can an animal come from the mind of man/woman?

There have been recent studies that have scratched the surface of this idea. These studies include the concepts of the mammalian, insect, and reptilian aspects of the brain. These animals derive from parts of the body of the original man/woman.

Ancient Genetic Engineering and Ancient DNA


What about DNA?

Currently, there are two active stands of DNA out of a total of 12 active DNA strands in our natural state. This process was set in motion 50,000 years ago to alter the human body, by forgetting aspects of character, through self-imposed isolation. This self-imposed isolation caused 10 strands of DNA to become dormant. This change allowed for the recessive genes of the original man/woman to be expressed phenotypically 6,000 years ago.

What make a person recessive?

A person is recessive after the Black germ has been deliberately bread out over the course of seven generations. It takes one generation of breeding with the original man/woman to graft the Black germ back.

What is the Black Germ/Gene?

The Black Germ is the seat of morality or seat of God. It allows God to incarnate as an inner guide for a new personality or soul. There are a total of 1billion 8 million original Gods that incarnate on a given planet at a single time each forming a new personality each time. The Black Germ is self-generating and is able to regenerate after the law of momentum has run its course.

What about ancient lifespan and life expectancy?

For more information on this check out our blog post, ancient lifespan and life expectancy.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on ancient biology and genetics. Feel free to comment below. Check out our recommended books below.

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True Ancient Human Lifespan and Life Expectancy Revealed

In this blog post, we discuss the Ancient Human lifespan and life expectancy. Due to the nature of the information revealed in this blog post we start with a disclaimer. We are not giving any medical advice.

Medical Disclaimer:

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Human Lifespan and Life Expectancy In The Ancient World

“They all lived to be around 7,000 years old. They stopped aging when they were between 16 and 28 years old. Senior citizens, those older than 6,000 years, appeared to be between 25 and 28 years of age. All other adults who were under 6,000 years of age appeared to be between 16 and 25 years old by modern looks, except that they were much taller and incomparably more beautiful. Their skin color was the smoothest, deepest black. The men were about 7 1/2 feet tall on average, and the women a few inches shorter.”

Black Root Science

In our ancient society, the population was allowed to reach a maximum of 1 billion 8 million people. Over the course of a period of 1000 years, 144,000,000 people would replace themselves before passing at the age of 7,000 years. The one group of people who live longer than this 7,000 year lifespan are the 24 elders, the oldest of which is about 700,000 years old. The sacred number of 1billion 8 million of our maximum population size is actually still preserved to this day. Our population is currently unconsciously approaching this natural maximum as proven in our blog post supreme mathematics. This is one of the requirements of bringing this cycle of evil and self-forgetfulness to an end.

All Black people come from Oneness. God (divine unity of all Black people) separated into 2 then 3 then 7 then 12 then 144 then 144,000 then 144,000,000 then after 7 generations became 1 billion eight million. The 1B8M Black people on earth today are those very same Gods.

Black Root Science

Ancient Human Lifespan Shortened

Why are people no longer living that long?

“All sickness is caused by neglecting some aspect of your character.”

Black Root Science

In our ancient form of education, there were ten life rituals used to develop individual character. The first 7,000 aspects of a character are taught from the age of 7 to 14. Character development continues throughout the first 77 years od a persons life resulting in a high state of inner guidance with the higher-self or first-self.

The cause of disease falls into two categories. One is caused by the deficiency in ones own character. The other is caused by the deficiency in another’s character.

Modern scientists are starting to understand the first of causes in the study of internal ecology. For example, the common cold is caused by stress. This stress produces mucus, causing one to have a cold.

Two common neglected aspects of character that cause a myriad of diseases are courage and self-love. Lack of courage often begins developed during childhood in the form of being afraid of the dark or the ‘monsters’ of one’s own imagination. Lack of self-love results in diabetes and obesity.

The second cause of illness is also understood and is sometimes used to fuel the greed of modern society. One common example of a disease being imposed on another is inadequate breastfeeding during infancy. This is the reason the color of cigarettes and black and milds are made to resemble the color of a breast. Inadequate breastfeeding can contribute to cigarette addiction during adulthood.

“It’s a natural fact that a perfect body and mind and a perfect balance of the 144,000 aspects of character lead to a perfect morality and a perfect society. All of them are mutually inclusive and interdependent.”

Black Root Science

Ancient Life Expectancy – Diet

What about the type of food that we eat?

“The mucous-forming foods eaten by the people should be replaced with such less mucous-forming foods as plenty of vegetables and fruits.”

Elijah Muhammad

Eating the right food at the right time is of extreme importance if one wishes to prolong life. Proper food falls into three categories, energizing, harmonizing, and stabilizing. People eat energizing foods when they are in low energy and harmonizing foods when they feel hyperactive. Stabilizing foods like grains and other staple foods are balanced or neutral.


Human beings in their natural state are vegetarians. Plant foods are divided into three categories corresponding to parts of the body. The plants’ parts correspond to opposite parts of the body. For example, food made from the root of a plant corresponds to the head. I remember my grandmother saying that eating carrots helped with vision. Thus foods like carrots and other edible roots correspond to the head and have an energizing property. Staple foods, like wheat, grains, and beans are neutral and correspond to the chest. Leaves and fruits are harmonizing foods and have a calming effect in terms of energy levels and correspond to the intestine and lower parts of the body.

Ancient Human Lifespan

Holy Trinity

How can a person live for 7,000 years?

Before we explain how a person can live this long it is important that we understand why we no longer see this in our everyday life. Prior to the cycle of evil (Past 6,000 years) that we are currently experiencing, where our life expectancy has drastically decreased, there was virtually no disease. The process that allowed for the deterioration of our bodies was actually started 50,000 years ago in preparation for our current cycle.

How Average Life Expectancy in Ancient World Changed

What happened 50,000 years ago?

Prior to the 50,000 years of self-isolation, our society was so perfectly balanced that it did not allow for recessive genes to be expressed phenotypically. The self-isolation started 50,000 years ago distrupted our natural the perfect society. This deterioration in character allowed for the mutations necessary to allow for the physical expression of our recessive genes. It took 42.000 years of self-isolation to deteriorate the body from 12 active strands of DNA to only 2. The people who began to eat meat at this time were most dramatically affected but did not lose their humanity as they still possessed the Black Germ or seat of morality. Black Root Science contest,

“Their remains that have been found are wrongly dated by the unreliable modern dating methods and classified by modern scientists as distinct species, such as homo-erectus.”

Black Root Science

50,000 years ago our ancestors underwent a deliberate process of self-isolation. This time period started a process of self-forgetfulness that would start to deteriorate our character. The reason for this self-isolation was to deteriorate our character to a point where it allowed for the recessive germ or gene to be expressed. We have been experiencing the recessive nature of evil through people made 6,000 years ago through a process of selective breeding. These newly made people never existed prior to this time as everyone had pitch black skin (as we can see from the uncontacted tribes in parts of India). Prior to this time, our character was perfected throughout our 7,000-year lifespan through ritual and initiation to the point where a person became a perfect God, consciously passed away and united his/her mind with the mind of the 24 elders.

What happened 6,000 years ago?

6,000 years ago God (Blackman and woman or 60,000 Elohim) made a man (non-blacks) in their image. This brought about the manifestation of evil in the physical universe and complete self-forgetfulness. Shortly after being made the Caucasian was exiled to the caucus mountains of Europe for causing mischief in the Middle East. Over the course of 2,000 years, until 4,000 years ago, the caucasian deteriorated to the point where they became ape-like humans like the neanderthal. Others began walking on their hands and feet and became the apes of today.

“They remained in such condition for 2,000 years no guide or literature. They lost all knowledge of civilization. The Lord, God of Islam, taught me that some of them tried to graft themselves back into the black nation, but they had nothing to go by. A few were luky enough to make a start, and got as far as what you call the gorilla. In fact, all of the monkey family are from this 2,000 year history of the white race in Europe.”

Elijah Muhammad

Our Current Life Span – Quotes from How To Eat and Live by Elijah Muhammad

“If Noah and Methuselah had heard you boasting that your parents lived only 75 or 80 years eating poison, they would have considered your parents as never having grown up to become adults, according to their good way of eating the best food, about twice a week, and living nearly 1,000 of our present calendar years which consists of 365 days.”

Elijah Muhammad

The drastic changes to our bodies and the state of society no longer allow us to live our ancient 7,000-year lifespan. However, as stated in ancient text such as the bible people within this cycle have been able to reach the age of about 1,000 years. We still have this capability if we are to practice proper dietary restrictions, specifically practicing proper fasting.

“Allah (God) has taught me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, how to eat to live, so that I also may teach you. He desires to extend our lives from a short span, averaging 62 years, to a span of one thousand (1,000) years — or for as long as we desire to live. He said there is no set time for us to die.”

Elijah Muhammad

How To Fast Gradually – 7 Years to Perfect Health

We will end this blog post with a discussion of the 7-year fasting program to perfect health. Prior to the time when this fasting program was available publicly, Elijah Muhammad wrote about the basic principles of living an extended life. You will see that the fasting program from Black Root Science given at the bottom of this post corresponds exactly to the principles presented by Elijah Muhammad.

“Give your stomach from 24 to 36 hours to rest to digest its food. And, if you can take 48 hours or 72 hours, that is fine. But first try 24 hours and then 48 hours next. Do not try to start with 48 and 72 hours. Get used to eating one meal a day, then when your appetite is not strong for the next meal, by eating once every 24 hours, start eating every 48 hours. Never start 72 hours regularly until you are able to do so. Some of us have started eating every 48 to 72 hours and have to change back to one meal a day. This is not good to do. Fast 72 hours every now and then while you are eating once every day, (if you want to), once a month or once every two or three months. Never eat more than one meal a day unless you are sick and unable to eat the proper food due to the weakness of the body to carry you over 24 hours.”

Elijah Muhammad

Click Here to Get the 7-year Fasting Program

Benefits to Completing the Fasting Program

“Live right, think right, eat right, and do right. You will not have to die to go to heaven to be like angels; you will be like them while you live.”

Elijah Muhammad

“My whole body felt light and my head was clear. I could almost hear insects crawling. (smile)”

Elijah Muhammad

“There are benefits related to the dormant glands of perception, the so-called chakras, which will become reactivated. There is also benefit regarding the dormant strands of DNA, which will also begin reactivation at the end of the 7 years.”

Black Root Science

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Origin of Ancient Chemistry and Alchemy

In this blog post, we discuss ancient chemistry. Ancient Chemistry primarily works on the law as above so below.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the understanding of how atoms combine to form compounds, using the magnetic laws of attraction.

What is Ancient Chemistry?

Ancient Chemistry is the understanding of how star systems of the previous universe combine to form compounds, using the magnetic laws of Attraction.

What does previous universe mean?

The atoms and electrons of today are literally the star systems and planets of the previous universe.

How can this be so?

The same way a seed becomes a flower and then seed again. The star systems and planets of the previous universe become the atoms and electrons of the next universe.

Elements Are Star Systems – As Above So Below

How many natural elements are on the periodic table?

There are 100 natural (not man-made) elements as described on the periodic table. The first of these is hydrogen containing a nucleus surrounded by one electron. The last is Fermium containing a nucleus surrounded by 100 electrons.

How many types of star systems exist in the Universe?

100 types of star systems exist in the universe. The first of these has one sun surrounded by one planet. The largest star system has one sun surrounded by 100 planets.

First and Second Laws of Magnetic Attraction

How are ancient compounds formed? What are the laws of magnetic attraction?

The first law of magnetic attraction causes alike star systems to find each other and form compounds. For example, Star systems with one planet will find each other over the course of trillions of years and form the gas hydrogen. This is the reason why heavy metals like iron sink and gases like oxygen float. This law works in exactly 100 ways.

The second law of magnetic attracts unalike star systems. Unalike star systems that differ in number of planets form molecules. These molecules cluster together to form compounds. This law works in endless ways.

What is the source of the two laws of magnetic attraction?

The minds of our ancestors.

What becomes of the universe at the end of its purpose?

After the universe has obtained it purpose it becomes the first earth of the new universe.

Where do new stars come from?

New stars come out of nothing, adding to what is already present. If they were created from something then there would be no expansion. Stars are the condensation of the minds of our ancestors from the previous universe.

Alchemy and Chemistry Connection Explained

What is Alchemy?

A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Google Dictionary

How can something come from nothing?

A part of the mind of God (The All Mind) condenses from its expanded state into the highest state of matter magnetism. Magnetism condenses to form electricity. Electricity forms light. Light forms Ether or Space. Gas, liquids, and solids condense out of either.

How can The All Mind or Mind of God be Nothing?

Consciousness is not a tangible thing, yet it is the source of all things. The universe starts and ends at mind unity, or mind expansion. The minds of our ancestors become our minds by the process of separation. The mind is expanded by unity and is condensed to form substances, thus expanding the physical universe. This process has continued with no beginning, nor end. The universe is eternal in terms of having no beginning or end but continues to expand in terms of creation. In other words, the universe continues to create and the mind continues to expand without end.

At the end of the previous universe, the minds of our ancestors were expanded until the entire universe appeared to be the size of earth.

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Elohim Angels and Yahweh YHWH – Gods of “This World”

Do you want to know who the Elohim Angels are? Yahweh was destined to create a world unlike any had seen before in the Universe. In order for him to be successful in his mission he took 59,999 voulunteer with him to the Island of Patmos (Pelan) to carry out his work. These individuals would become known as the Elohim.

Who are the Elohim Angels?


The Elohim lived on the planet earth about 6,600 years ago. They are sometimes referred to in the Bible as angels. One famous reference to these Elohim Angels are the two people in white garments present during Jesus resurrection.

The Elohim are the 60,000 volunteers who took part in making man in our (Black People) image. This the non-black races that we see today, were made from a process of selective breeding. Prior to this time all people were Black. The preparation for the Elohim actually started 44,000 years prior when a group of Black People agreed to self-isolation. This time of self-isolation, 50,000 years ago, would lead to the deterioration of our character and thus our lifespan and bodies.

This deterioration caused for 10 out of 12 of our strands of DNA to become inactive. This allowed us to make other people from us through selective breeding because our bodies had been altered to a point where the expression of our recessive genes was now possible.

All the Elohim when they were incarnated on Earth had only 2 active strands of DNA.

Are the Elohim Angels Still Alive?

At the end of their life, each of the Elohim ascended into bodies in the star system Sirius. We originate from this star system as our planet was seeded 78 trillion years ago from 144,000 Sirius natives. The home of the Elohim is now Sirius but they will return to Earth where they will rule as Gods.

This ascension was made possible as it is one of the seven purposes of the pyramids of Giza. Due to changes in DNA black people no longer ascended consciously, so when the pyramids were built this function was built into them in anticipation of Yahweh and the Elohim. Their personality/soul joined their twin soul on Sirius This is why passages are aligned toward the star system Sirius. The Dogon tribe in Mali still practice reverence of this star system as they are one of the original tribes.

What Did Yahweh (YHWH) and The Elohim Do?


6,600 years ago on the Island of Patmos (Pelan), the 60,000 Elohim volunteered for the selective breeding experiment. This experiment would make a new man/woman, who looked like but was unlike the original man/woman.

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:26-27

The “us” are the 60,000 Elohim. The making of a ‘man in our image’ is the selective breeding experiment.

This experiment would bring about four new races of people who have never been seen before. These races would have the Black Gene of Germ, which is the seat of God (morality) completely removed.

Yahweh’s Experiment – How The First Race Was Made

The dominant Black Gene takes exactly seven generations or 200 years to breed out. The dark brown children were encouraged to marry one another to produce a lighter child. If Darker children wanted to marry they were told that they could not have children because their blood did not match.

“He called the doctor first and said: Doctor, let all the people come to you who want to marry; and if there come to you two real black ones, take a needle and get a little of their blood and go into your room and pretend to be examining it, to see whether their blood would mix. Then, come and tell them that they will each have to find another mate, because their blood does not mix. Give them a certificate to take to the minister, warning the minister against marrying the couple because their blood does not mix. When there comes to you two browner ones, take a pretended blood test of them; but, give them a certificate saying that they are eligible to marry.”

Elijah Muhammad

The first race to be made at this time would become known as the brown race (Hispanic/Greek/ Portuguese/Latin). During the breeding of the first race, Black children were born alongside dark brown babies.

In order to instill a light-skinned supremacy mentality, many black children were murdered on the island. The nurses carried out this murder by pricking the child’s brain with a needle and telling the mother that it was a stillbirth. Some black children survived as parents hid their children and took them off the island.

The practice of child sacrifice has been wrongfully attributed to Yahweh (Yakub). Yakub himself lived 150 years. Shortly after his passing and the passing of the other Elohim, the remainder of the work was carried out by the nurses, midwives, and doctors on the island. These new leaders who were now light skinned started to kill Black children out of fear of being overpowered. This was not a part of Yahweh’s original plan as he simply wanted Black children to be relocated to parts of the middle east as the selective breeding continued.

Legends of Moses being sent down the river at birth in a basket relate to the Black people who escaped the island. The story of Pharaoh ordering the killing of the first born son is an alteration to what took place during this time. In fact, the legend of Cain and Abel describes the first act of hostility to occur on Earth. Cain represents the light-skinned race (later the Caucasian) and Abel represents Black people. This story would show up again as Noah’s sons Shem and Ham and their descendants. Remnants of this initial conflict are found today between the Arabs and Jews, as the initial reason for the conflict has been lost due to time and misrepresentation.

Yahweh or Yakub’s Work Is Carried Out For 666 years

“Of course, Mr. Yakub lived but 150 years; but, his ideas continued in practice. He gave his people guidance in the form of literature. What they should do and how to do it (how to rule the black nation). He said to them: When you become unalike (white), you may return to the Holy Land and people, from whom you were exiled.”

Elijah Muhammad

After the Making of the first race (over the course of 200 years), a second race was produced 200 years later. This race is made up of the Arabs/Persians/non-black Indians/Pakistanis/Jews of today.

The third race was produced from this second race after another 200 years. This race of people is the yellow race. The final race was made from the yellow race in just 66 years. Thus it took 666 years to make the Caucasian of today.

“Man was created of haste. I will show you My signs, so do not impatiently urge Me.”

Holy Quran 21:37

“According to the word of Allah to me, the white race was created in haste. Their father, Yakub, was in such a hurry to put his new people on earth as rulers, that he married them while very young (15 and 16 years of age). Knowing that they had only 6,000 years to go, he rushed them, so says the world of Allah to me. This makes them hasty by nature. They have a fiery temperament; while the original black man is meek and humble.”

Elijah Muhammad

Why Did Yahweh Make The Caucasian?


“In this work of Mr. Yakub, taking the white man out into, what we would say today, the fifth stage of the family, he became the fifth man, and the most distinct of all. He’s a new man to every one of us, a new race of people with a nature and wisdom that is absolutely new and contrary to the aboriginal, the black man.”

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub of Yahweh made the light races for two primary reasons. Yahweh’s creation is unique in the sense that it is the first time that evil is manifested in the physical universe. It was also important to understand what it was like to be other than perfect, as God only knew perfection. God seeks to understand all that is in him/her and the time had come to experience evil and self-forgetfulness.

What is The Destiny of The Elohim Angels’ Made Man?

“He told his people, the white people, “When you have lived on this earth 6,000 years, don’t try to run the 7th, because the in the 7,000th year, your brother coming from the East, He’s going to eat you up.”

Elijah Muhammad

The universal law of momentum states that all things have a certain amount of momentum when they are made. The momentum of Evil is 6,000 years. This time has already run its course. The light races and their creations, the extraterrestrial species, have 1000 more years as a physical species. After this time there will only be black people left on earth. Without the Black Germ, these races are unable to self-generate or renew and thus live out a 7,000 year existance.

There are two secret societies that are fighting over control of the world before the appearance of Yahweh. The first group, the Theosophists, consist of mostly yellow-Asians and white-semites. The second group the Rosicrucians are made up of mostly caucasians. These two groups are the highest practitioners of the school of 33 degrees of knowledge Their primary intent is to use religion and mysticism to prepare the world for a false white/Asian messiah before Yahweh and the Elohim’s return. One famous example of this is the Rapture Bible teachings given to the world.

What Happens After The 1,000 Years of Peace?

The made man, lacking the creative Black Germ (the seat of God), are new personalities with a collective mind that lives in the God Yahweh. A part of the mind of Yahweh is the source of their inspirations and their inner guide. The made man has the free will to act on these inspirations or to act out their nature. When non-blacks die their personality is separated from the collective mind (Mind of Yahweh). Their personality is sent through mental realms where that ‘soul’ partakes in an endless spiritual evolution if desired. For more on this see our blog post on The Ego and Ascension.

For Black People the spiritual evolution reaches a climax when the person becomes a full God. At this point they gain access to all available heavenly realms that exist.

The point is that Black people are not the same as non-blacks. Black people are eternal beings, having no beginning or end, and are an incarnated God. The made man has his beginning (6,000 years ago) and an end (1,000 more years maximum) in the physical universe, and have a collective unconscious mind that lives in their maker Yahweh.

When Yahweh makes his return, many will begin to worship him. Those Black People who are already in touch with their first or higher self will know Yahweh as their eternal brother.

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Purpose of the Pyramids of Giza – Who Built the Pyramids

Are you wondering who built the pyramids? There are seven functions of the pyramid but one purpose was to help our ancestors chronicle the movements of the stars. This was important because our ancestors knew that there was no difference between astronomy and physics (as above, so below). The true original purpose of the great pyramids of Giza has escaped modern archeologist. Those Egyptologists who get close to the information revealed in this blog post are often ridiculed and discredited.

Who Built The Pyramids of Gza?

There are seven basic functions of the pyramids. Much of the technology used by the ancient Egyptians has been lost during the 6,000 year cycle of self-forgetfulness. This is not “Alien technology” or the work of some “Ancient Aliens” as some early astronaut theorist would like you to believe. But as Egypt was known as Kemet meaning “land of the Blacks”, you can find the origins of the pyramids and their purpose in ancient Black technology.

15,000 years ago the King of the Earth build the Great Pyramids at Giza. These three pyramids represent the 24 elders, 144 Chiefs, and 144,000 Judges. The first pyramid built was the smallest one and most important, this pyramid represents the 24 elders. The second pyramid built, in the middle, represents the 144 Chiefs. The final and largest pyramid built represents the 144,000 Judges.

The Seven Purposes of The Pyramids of Giza

The First Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Electric Power

The first function of the Pyramid of Gza was to transmit electricity. The type of electricity is transmitted was at a higher energy level than what we use today using the assistance of wires. Nicola Tesla actually was getting close to ‘rediscovering’ the use of this type of technology but the greedy nature of those in power did not allow him to test his more scrutinized or ‘far-fetched’ ideas.

As light ranges from infrared to ultraviolet, electricity, and all seven states of matter range in this way. The form of electricity used was transmitted directly through space (ether) like the way radio waves are transmitted today. The receiving stations for these transmissions were known as obelisks. Two that have been moved from their original location are the one in Central Park in New York and Cleopatra’s Needle in London.

The ancients had a high reverence for technology and saw it as a gift from the God. They only used this technology when it was necessary for the benefit of the group or the whole community. At other times they used simple hand tools. These hand tools were used as our ancient society understood the importance of the exersize gained from everyday work. This is why many archeologist believe that the ancient Egyptians did not have advanced technology as the vast majority of tools that they find seem primitive. They also date the pyramids to the time of Pharaohs, which is wrong as the pyramids of Giza were built about 15,000 years ago. However, they understand that the stone is too hard to cut using these tools so they go as far as to attribute them to aliens rather than their true Black makers.

The technology used during that time added value to the natural balance of the forces of the universe. Technology today actually causes degeneration in the form of the evil extremes of greed and coldheartedness.

The Second Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Preservation

All Giza Pyramids

The pyramids are used to preserve life, both animals and plants during natural cataclysm. This is where the legend of Noah’s Arc comes from.

The Third Purpose of The Pyramids – Space Travel

Pyramids that are larger than the pyramids of Giza are made from asteroid stone. These monolithic Pyramids are uses to transport large groups of people (12,000) throughout different parts of the cosmos. This is how the ancients traveled from the star system Sirius to seed the planet earth.

The Fourth Purpose of The Pyramids – Balance the Earth Energies

The earth naturally has 12 nodes or points of energy where space energy enters our planet. These energy points need to be kept in balance in order not to disrupt the earth’s natural magnetic field. This magnetic field protects the earth from harmful rays and meteors.

The Fifth Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Book of Stone History

The great pyramid is designed by the leading scientist or God of a given 25,000 year history. It is the Book of Stone providing the history (future) of the events that are to take place over that 25,000 year period. We are in the year 15,000 or this 25,000 year period. A major event occurred 6,000 years ago that shapes the world that we see today, “this world” in the bible. They write this history in the sizes and types of stones used.

For example, there are 144,000 casting stones or limestone blocks used to build the Great Pyramid. These also represent 144,000 aspects of perfect character to be restored after the cycle of self-forgefulness (the past 6,000 years.

The Sixth Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Ascension and Ressurection

Pyramids were used as ascension machines and resurrection machines. Bodies were removed after the soul (personality) ascended primarily to the star system Sirius as was the case with the 60,000 Elohim.

There are 144,000 preserved bodies underneath the pyramid of Giza protected by magnetism and can only be opened by one of the 144 chiefs. These bodies are going to be used as the 6,000 year cycle of self-forgetfulness comes to a close. All of the seven mahdis have received one of these bodies and we will see ordinary black people begin to receive these bodies over the next years to come. These are going to become the Judges of the new society (promised land).

These bodies are actually preserved for black people who are alive now. These individuals will have activated their 12 strands of DNA through dietary restriction and mental exercises similar to ancient initiation. This modified initiation process is given in Level 2 of the book Black Root Science. These elect will be resurrected consciously into one of the preserved bodies. These elect can come from any society of the black nation but the vast majority of them will be the decedents of slaves.

These 144,000 perfectly preserved bodies will give birth to perfect children and the population will increase to 1 billion 8million as the remainder of original black Gods reincarnate.

The Seventh Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Divine Unity

The final purpose of the pyramids is to help facilitate Divine Unity which is held in the custody of the 24 Elders. This is a particular state of mind known as ‘heaven’. This state of mind is one where a person becomes one with his eternal self.

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The Story of Moses Summary – Israelites Exodus Prophecy

Are you looking for a Story of Moses Summary? The Story of Moses in the Bible is very important but can sometimes lead to confusion. In fact, it is actually a mixture of a few historical events and part prophecy.

In this blog post we break down the story of Moses and the Israelites and the prophesy of Exodus.

Exodus Story of Moses

The Exodus story in the bible is primary a mixture two stories.

The first event described in Exodus is the story of Moses civilizing and re-establishing the Laws of Yahweh for the Caucasian of Europe 4,000 years ago.

All non-blacks were made on the island of Patmos 6,000 years ago. They were lead into the promised land of North Africa and the Middle East at that time. They started to bring discord to the peaceful community and the King at the time expelled them to the Caucus Mountains of Europe. It was here that they were ‘roped in’ and incarcerated in what was known at the time to be a harsh place to live. Furthermore, they began to degenerate during this time period as they stopped following the laws established for them by Yahweh (Yakub) their maker.

The Caucasian remained in a deteriorating condition in the Caucus mountains for 2,000 years. The reason for their drastic deterioration was due to neglecting aspects of moral character. Their savior was born 4,000 years ago and his name was Moses. It was Moses mission to bring the Caucasian back into civilization so that they could fulfill their destiny and rule the earth.

Moses meet the Caucasian in a very poor condition. The smartest of them were in the condition similar to modern depictions of the club carrying caveman. They could only make animal sounds before Moses taught them language. The worst of them had degenerated past the point of rehabilitation and had become the ape species that we see today.

Over the course of 40 years, Moses walked the Caucasian out of Europe across the desert and into the Middle East. During this time he civilized them by re-establishing the Laws of Yahweh.

They were lead by Elohim in spacecraft that they called Pillars of Fire. They called them pillars of fire because the energy field that surrounds them gives off a light that resembles a flame.

This is the First Story of how Moses civilized the European and re-established the laws of Yahweh

Exodus Prophecy – The Story of Moses and The Israelites

14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:

John 3:14

In the above verse, the Son of Man, refers to the modern-day Israelites (Yahweh’s Chosen Elect). These are the chosen people of Yahweh or the decedents of slaves in North America. Their exodus will be both spiritual and physical.

The spiritual exodus will take place as they are lead out of the land of self-forgetfulness and into the promised land of knowledge of self and the ancestors.

The physical exodus will take place over the next 40 years or so as our people start to relocate to the land of their ancestors, Israel. As time passes the area that is now desert will begin to become fertile and green.

This process has already started as their is already a community in the city of Dimona, Israel that was lead by Ben Ami.

We know that Egypt was used to represent America simply for the fact that it was referencing the most powerful country during the end of day. We also were enslaved here for 400 years as it is written about Abrahams seed. When God appears to Moses he tells him that he is fulfilling his promise to Abraham. Evidence of this is given throughout Exodus.

The Story of Moses Bible Exodus as Prophecy For America


“but the Israelites were exceedingly fruitful; they multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them.”

Exodus 1:7

The above verse references one of the requirements to bring this cycle of self-forgetfulness to an end. The Black Population must reach the sacred number of 1billion 8million. We are close to this number as we discuss in our blog post, Supreme Mathematics.

“Look,” he said to his people, “the Israelites have become far too numerous for us. 10 Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies, fight against us and leave the country.”

Exodus 1:9-10

The other requirement is for 144,000 of us to loose all sympathy for “this world” and get in touch with the first self (God in You) thus unlocking the 10 strands of dormant DNA. The people who do this will become the leaders of the new society.

16 “When you are helping the Hebrew women during childbirth on the delivery stool, if you see that the baby is a boy, kill him; but if it is a girl, let her live.”

Exodus 1:16

The war against Black Men has been written about extensively by our scholars.

23 During that long period, the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God. 24 God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob. 25 So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.

Exodus 2:23-25

The above verse is a reference to our slavery in America.

There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.”

Exodus 3:2-3

Moses encounters the Elohim on a spaceship.

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Patmos Island- Secrets of Pelan

Patmos [1] has started to gain attention as a tourist destination in late 2018. Mankind has been after their origins and this island has been described by CNN as “where the end of the world began”.

Why does CNN claim that this island is “where the end of the world began”?

In this blog post, we will dive into the history of Patmos Island


The island of Patmos is located between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean Sea.

On this island, the Greek Orthodox chapel of St Anne completly encloses the cave where John the Revelator wrote the final chapter of the bible.

The Library of Patmos

The library of Patmos is known as one of the most important libraries in Christianity.

According to meandertravel.com, “At the beginning of the 13th century, according to the Catalogue, the library was consisted almost from codes of theological context From the 267 vellum codes and the 63 cotton, 330 in total: 109 were liturgical, 107 are characterized ethical and with the 31 about saint, they consisted the theologian part of the library. The rest had a variety of subjects and only 20 codes have a cosmic character and one is referred to a classic text :Aristotle’s Accuses.”

According to CNN, “The library — said to be the most important in Greece outside the Greek Orthodox center of Mount Athos — boasts 1,200 manuscripts in parchment, vellum or scrolls, including leaves of Mark’s gospel dating from the 6th century.” [1]

Patmos Island – Selective Breeding on Island Of Pelan

6,000 Years ago the first selective breeding experiment occured on the Island of Patmos for the purpose of removing the Black Germ of Gene. This Black Gene is known as the seat of God or morality. 60,000 volunteers known as Elohim took part in this experiment.

In order for God (the black man and woman) to experience evil this Gene had to be removed. Within the Black Gene there is a dark dominant component and a light recessive component. The light recessive component favored during this process of selective breeding producing the races that we see today. This is the origin of all races outside of the original Black Man and Woman. Thus all truly uncontacted tribes have pitch black skin as did the original and natural inhabitants of the planet.

Selective breeding is also known as artificial selection denoting that its process is deliberate and not a natural process. The removal of the Black Gene is done by selectively breeding for the lighter skinned individuals over many generations. After seven generations of this type of selective breeding, about 200 years, the Dark gene is not just suppressed but is completely removed and the first light race was formed.

Three more races were made from the first by continuing the process. The final result was the Caucasian race or Satan.

Patmos Meaning

The Dark Gene is completely absent in the four light races and is the source of what modern scientist refer to as melanin. Melanin is the seat of morality.

Due to the absence of the Dark Gene (the throne of God) God does not incarnate in the any of the four light races. God (morality/goodness/perfection) can only incarnate in Black people or the original man/woman.

The God or maker of the four light races is Yahweh or Yakub and he acts as their inner guide. The light races are also given free will and have the choice to do good or the evil that fits their nature.

If you need “proof” for the information stated above feel free to check out the blog post 6,000 years ago.

Patmos in The Bible – Revelation 1:9

I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

How Was Time Discovered – When Did Time Begin

In this blog post, we discuss the question “How Was Time Discovered” or “When Did Time Begin“.

Time is measured when movement is present. This movement is measured in terms of acceleration. In physics we get the equation below:

The question of how was time discovered then becomes a matter of understanding when the first movement or motion took place.

According to Newton’s First Law of Motion an object that is at rest will remain at rest until it is acted upon by an outside force.

This force as it relates to objects in space is known as gravitation. In order for the law of Gravitation to work it is necessary that at least two objects interact.

The question is what were the first two objects in the Universe?

When Did Time Begin?


In our blog post on Ancient African Cosmology,  we discuss that the first object in the universe was the first earth.

After the creation of the first earth, there still was no measurement of time as there was no movement. Time begins once this first earth begins to spin on its axis. This first earth begins to spin on its axis only after the first star or sun is created. 

As we discussed in our post Astronomy and Physics, we can think of this first earth as an electron an this first sun as a nucleus of an atom. 

After the first earth is created in total darkness it is surrounded by the central substance either or space. Everything else is an expanded mind that has yet to condense into a physical state.  

The initial inhabitants of this first earth create the universe by meditation. The primary purpose of this early meditative state is to condense the expanded part of the mind into the seven states of matter, which ultimately form the first sun, movement, and the concept of time.

How Was Time Measured?

african cosmology

One star system is created at a given time. The location, movements and magnetic relationship of each new star system to the universe is predetermined in the meditative state.

This magnetic relationship is the gravitational relationship between objects in space as given by Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. We use the word magnetic relationship as not to confuse the concept of gravity that is sometimes mixed with the concept of the effects of atmospheric pressure. 

The concept given in the bible of the Universe being created in six days and on the seventh day God rest refers directly to this creative process.  After 6,000 years of creative meditative activity the Gods rest for 1,000 years before creating the next star system. This process continues until today, and will continue until the allocated number of star systems are created for the fulfillment of the universe.  

Basic Ancient African Cosmology Theories

What is Ancient African Cosmology?

Cosmology is the knowledge of how the universe was created. The Ancient African knows that the universe begins and ends in Divine Unity creating the one God, Allah, or The All.

In truth there is no beginning or ending just a cycle where the beginning and ending are the same but on a higher plane of existence. 

Ancient African Cosmology

african cosmology

After many trillions of years at the end given universe our ancestors form a new earth from the stars and planets. The stars of the previous universe become the atoms of this new earth. New stars and planets are created around this first earth.

African Basic Cosmology


As previously stated the universe ends in Divine Unity. This Unity bring about a state of mind known as eternity or heaven. In this state of mind each individual in the universe is connected in mind and heart and know him/herself as the one God. 

In this expanded state of mind, each individual recognizes that every other person is the same one God.

Ancient Cosmology – All is Mind


In the expanded state of mind of divine unity, the old universe is seen as an object the size of earth.

At this point, our ancestors descend upon the new earth into new bodies that are formed instantly from the thought substance ether (triple darkness, space). Ether contains all 7 states of matter and is pure blackness or space and is the central substance of the universe.

This first earth is made in complete darkness and is seen only by inner sight. This inner sight is knowing the existence of an object as a part of self. This inner vision is a self-generated inner light from unity with all things. In other words, they see things by being them.

The new bodies naturally take the color of either and are pure black. 144,000 plant and animal totems or original animals and plants are formed instantly from aspects of perfect character.

This first earth become the center of the universe and is the central hub from which the rest of the universe is formed.