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True Ancient Human Lifespan and Life Expectancy Revealed

In this blog post, we discuss the Ancient Human lifespan and life expectancy. Due to the nature of the information revealed in this blog post we start with a disclaimer. We are not giving any medical advice.

Medical Disclaimer:

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Human Lifespan and Life Expectancy In The Ancient World

“They all lived to be around 7,000 years old. They stopped aging when they were between 16 and 28 years old. Senior citizens, those older than 6,000 years, appeared to be between 25 and 28 years of age. All other adults who were under 6,000 years of age appeared to be between 16 and 25 years old by modern looks, except that they were much taller and incomparably more beautiful. Their skin color was the smoothest, deepest black. The men were about 7 1/2 feet tall on average, and the women a few inches shorter.”

Black Root Science

In our ancient society, the population was allowed to reach a maximum of 1 billion 8 million people. Over the course of a period of 1000 years, 144,000,000 people would replace themselves before passing at the age of 7,000 years. The one group of people who live longer than this 7,000 year lifespan are the 24 elders, the oldest of which is about 700,000 years old. The sacred number of 1billion 8 million of our maximum population size is actually still preserved to this day. Our population is currently unconsciously approaching this natural maximum as proven in our blog post supreme mathematics. This is one of the requirements of bringing this cycle of evil and self-forgetfulness to an end.

All Black people come from Oneness. God (divine unity of all Black people) separated into 2 then 3 then 7 then 12 then 144 then 144,000 then 144,000,000 then after 7 generations became 1 billion eight million. The 1B8M Black people on earth today are those very same Gods.

Black Root Science

Ancient Human Lifespan Shortened

Why are people no longer living that long?

“All sickness is caused by neglecting some aspect of your character.”

Black Root Science

In our ancient form of education, there were ten life rituals used to develop individual character. The first 7,000 aspects of a character are taught from the age of 7 to 14. Character development continues throughout the first 77 years od a persons life resulting in a high state of inner guidance with the higher-self or first-self.

The cause of disease falls into two categories. One is caused by the deficiency in ones own character. The other is caused by the deficiency in another’s character.

Modern scientists are starting to understand the first of causes in the study of internal ecology. For example, the common cold is caused by stress. This stress produces mucus, causing one to have a cold.

Two common neglected aspects of character that cause a myriad of diseases are courage and self-love. Lack of courage often begins developed during childhood in the form of being afraid of the dark or the ‘monsters’ of one’s own imagination. Lack of self-love results in diabetes and obesity.

The second cause of illness is also understood and is sometimes used to fuel the greed of modern society. One common example of a disease being imposed on another is inadequate breastfeeding during infancy. This is the reason the color of cigarettes and black and milds are made to resemble the color of a breast. Inadequate breastfeeding can contribute to cigarette addiction during adulthood.

“It’s a natural fact that a perfect body and mind and a perfect balance of the 144,000 aspects of character lead to a perfect morality and a perfect society. All of them are mutually inclusive and interdependent.”

Black Root Science

Ancient Life Expectancy – Diet

What about the type of food that we eat?

“The mucous-forming foods eaten by the people should be replaced with such less mucous-forming foods as plenty of vegetables and fruits.”

Elijah Muhammad

Eating the right food at the right time is of extreme importance if one wishes to prolong life. Proper food falls into three categories, energizing, harmonizing, and stabilizing. People eat energizing foods when they are in low energy and harmonizing foods when they feel hyperactive. Stabilizing foods like grains and other staple foods are balanced or neutral.


Human beings in their natural state are vegetarians. Plant foods are divided into three categories corresponding to parts of the body. The plants’ parts correspond to opposite parts of the body. For example, food made from the root of a plant corresponds to the head. I remember my grandmother saying that eating carrots helped with vision. Thus foods like carrots and other edible roots correspond to the head and have an energizing property. Staple foods, like wheat, grains, and beans are neutral and correspond to the chest. Leaves and fruits are harmonizing foods and have a calming effect in terms of energy levels and correspond to the intestine and lower parts of the body.

Ancient Human Lifespan

Holy Trinity

How can a person live for 7,000 years?

Before we explain how a person can live this long it is important that we understand why we no longer see this in our everyday life. Prior to the cycle of evil (Past 6,000 years) that we are currently experiencing, where our life expectancy has drastically decreased, there was virtually no disease. The process that allowed for the deterioration of our bodies was actually started 50,000 years ago in preparation for our current cycle.

How Average Life Expectancy in Ancient World Changed

What happened 50,000 years ago?

Prior to the 50,000 years of self-isolation, our society was so perfectly balanced that it did not allow for recessive genes to be expressed phenotypically. The self-isolation started 50,000 years ago distrupted our natural the perfect society. This deterioration in character allowed for the mutations necessary to allow for the physical expression of our recessive genes. It took 42.000 years of self-isolation to deteriorate the body from 12 active strands of DNA to only 2. The people who began to eat meat at this time were most dramatically affected but did not lose their humanity as they still possessed the Black Germ or seat of morality. Black Root Science contest,

“Their remains that have been found are wrongly dated by the unreliable modern dating methods and classified by modern scientists as distinct species, such as homo-erectus.”

Black Root Science

50,000 years ago our ancestors underwent a deliberate process of self-isolation. This time period started a process of self-forgetfulness that would start to deteriorate our character. The reason for this self-isolation was to deteriorate our character to a point where it allowed for the recessive germ or gene to be expressed. We have been experiencing the recessive nature of evil through people made 6,000 years ago through a process of selective breeding. These newly made people never existed prior to this time as everyone had pitch black skin (as we can see from the uncontacted tribes in parts of India). Prior to this time, our character was perfected throughout our 7,000-year lifespan through ritual and initiation to the point where a person became a perfect God, consciously passed away and united his/her mind with the mind of the 24 elders.

What happened 6,000 years ago?

6,000 years ago God (Blackman and woman or 60,000 Elohim) made a man (non-blacks) in their image. This brought about the manifestation of evil in the physical universe and complete self-forgetfulness. Shortly after being made the Caucasian was exiled to the caucus mountains of Europe for causing mischief in the Middle East. Over the course of 2,000 years, until 4,000 years ago, the caucasian deteriorated to the point where they became ape-like humans like the neanderthal. Others began walking on their hands and feet and became the apes of today.

“They remained in such condition for 2,000 years no guide or literature. They lost all knowledge of civilization. The Lord, God of Islam, taught me that some of them tried to graft themselves back into the black nation, but they had nothing to go by. A few were luky enough to make a start, and got as far as what you call the gorilla. In fact, all of the monkey family are from this 2,000 year history of the white race in Europe.”

Elijah Muhammad

Our Current Life Span – Quotes from How To Eat and Live by Elijah Muhammad

“If Noah and Methuselah had heard you boasting that your parents lived only 75 or 80 years eating poison, they would have considered your parents as never having grown up to become adults, according to their good way of eating the best food, about twice a week, and living nearly 1,000 of our present calendar years which consists of 365 days.”

Elijah Muhammad

The drastic changes to our bodies and the state of society no longer allow us to live our ancient 7,000-year lifespan. However, as stated in ancient text such as the bible people within this cycle have been able to reach the age of about 1,000 years. We still have this capability if we are to practice proper dietary restrictions, specifically practicing proper fasting.

“Allah (God) has taught me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, how to eat to live, so that I also may teach you. He desires to extend our lives from a short span, averaging 62 years, to a span of one thousand (1,000) years — or for as long as we desire to live. He said there is no set time for us to die.”

Elijah Muhammad

How To Fast Gradually – 7 Years to Perfect Health

We will end this blog post with a discussion of the 7-year fasting program to perfect health. Prior to the time when this fasting program was available publicly, Elijah Muhammad wrote about the basic principles of living an extended life. You will see that the fasting program from Black Root Science given at the bottom of this post corresponds exactly to the principles presented by Elijah Muhammad.

“Give your stomach from 24 to 36 hours to rest to digest its food. And, if you can take 48 hours or 72 hours, that is fine. But first try 24 hours and then 48 hours next. Do not try to start with 48 and 72 hours. Get used to eating one meal a day, then when your appetite is not strong for the next meal, by eating once every 24 hours, start eating every 48 hours. Never start 72 hours regularly until you are able to do so. Some of us have started eating every 48 to 72 hours and have to change back to one meal a day. This is not good to do. Fast 72 hours every now and then while you are eating once every day, (if you want to), once a month or once every two or three months. Never eat more than one meal a day unless you are sick and unable to eat the proper food due to the weakness of the body to carry you over 24 hours.”

Elijah Muhammad

Click Here to Get the 7-year Fasting Program

Benefits to Completing the Fasting Program

“Live right, think right, eat right, and do right. You will not have to die to go to heaven to be like angels; you will be like them while you live.”

Elijah Muhammad

“My whole body felt light and my head was clear. I could almost hear insects crawling. (smile)”

Elijah Muhammad

“There are benefits related to the dormant glands of perception, the so-called chakras, which will become reactivated. There is also benefit regarding the dormant strands of DNA, which will also begin reactivation at the end of the 7 years.”

Black Root Science

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3 thoughts on “True Ancient Human Lifespan and Life Expectancy Revealed

  • Thank you for this information. I have a few questions. Should breastfeeding moms eat only once a day? Also, if women are made to carry a child, what effect does this have on our lifespan since we cannot eat once per day while pregnant? Are men meant to live longer than women?

    • newjeru

      Thank you for your questions sister,

      The following are quotes from Elijah Muhammad:

      Mothers should feed their babies from their breast milk if they possibly can, as this is the best.

      When you are able to start feeding them on solid food, give them weak bean soup — not the highly seasoned, strong soup that you eat. You also can start them out with orange juice and mashed apples. This is done whenever you think the baby is able — after he is about three months old. This depends on the health of the baby and its age.

      Plenty of good milk and good, thoroughly cooked bread are good for you and the baby.

      We must not get the idea that we can nurse the baby with everything we eat. This is what will start sickness and disease in the family.

      Children and babies should eat at least twice a day. If you are now eating three meals a day and you would like to eat one meal every other day, you should not – all of a sudden – change from three meals a day, every day, to one meal every other day.

      You can drink cows’ milk; your own milk glands will put it into the right stage for your child. Be careful as to what kind of drugs you take while nursing your baby. And do not take fasts while you are breast-feeding an infant or even while you are pregnant. If you like, you may eat once a day while pregnant or breast-feeding your baby, but you are not forced to do so. You should not go for two or three days without eating.

      Allah (God) has taught me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, how to eat to live, so that I also may teach you. He desires to extend our lives from a short span, averaging 62 years, to a span of one thousand (1,000) years — or for as long as we desire to live. He said there is no set time for us to die.

      This is what it says in the book “How To Eat To Live” By Elijah Muhammad. We are not giving any medical advice (see disclaimer).

    • Baruti Kgosiemang

      No, any sister that is breastfeeding should not eat once a day but 3 times a day. She should gradually increase the amount of food from once a day the first week, second week twice a day, and the third week 3 times a day. When she stops she will gradually decrease the eating times again.

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