Master Fard Muhammad Sister

There is not much on Master Fard Muhammad’s sister. We do know that he had a sister. According to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad when Master Alphonso (Master Fard Muhammad’s Father) was looking to produce a child he would produce two children. One was a female child and the other was a male child.


Master Fard Muhammad Sister

We know from interviews with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that when Master Alphonso was producing Master Fard Muhammad he first had a daughter. We are never formally given the name of this child but we do know that she is a child of royalty as her father Alphonso was one of the 24 elders.

Being the child of one of the 24 elders is very significant as it puts that individual directly in line with a person who has knowledge that far exceeds the average person. The Elders are a part of a sacred and elite group that are involved in writing the history of the universe that is to be lived out by the inhabitants of a given planet. They know the hisory in advanced.

Furthermore, we find that the direct decedents of the 24 elders in some circles are considered to be 144 chiefs who are individuals that are directly in charge of controlling the physical conditions of the universe including the weather and other major natural events.

Master Fard Muhammad Sister Significance

According to the book Blackroots Science, the break down of the structure of the leadership of the Black nation is as follows:

The Holy Trinity is personified on the highest level in the persons of the 24
Elders as the Fathers/Mothers, the Custodians of Unity; the 144 Chiefs as the
Sons/Daughters, or Custodians of Universal Energy; and the 144,000 Judges as the Holy Spirit, or Custodians of Divine Life. Our leaders are called the Highest Holy Trinity.

This will make master Fard Muhammad’s sister a custodian of Universal Energy.