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Yakub Explained: Yakubian Fact or Fiction

Yakub Early Life and Childhood

Yakub was born in the year  4770 BC.  He was an introverted child who preferred to spend time alone. He loved to think about and solve problems individually. He had a magnetic  Personality and other children wanted to be around him.

He thought about and concentrated on every subject that entered his mind no subject was too taboo for his imagination.

During his time there was a 30% dissatisfaction rate within the global population. By the time he was 14, he had already solved many of the problems that caused the cultural gap between children and adults. In other words, he solved problems typical and adolescents that cause children to rebel against adults.

Yakub Plays With Steel

Yakub who discovered his mission early in life after playing with steel. He discovered that the magnetic polls that existed within a steel represented the tension of opposites that existed within human beings.

According to Elijah Muhammad Yakub playing with steel was a pivotal moment in his life and in the history of the Universe.

“He learned his future from playing with steel. It is steel and more steel that this made race (the white race), are still playing with. Steel has become the most useful of all metal for the people. What he really saw in playing with the two pieces of steel was the magnetic power of attraction.”

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub’s Wife


His wife’s name was Maitseye, which means “Miss Manners.” She was very serious and organized and was more mature than her peers. She was the opposite of Yakub making them perfect soulmates.

After being married Yakub and his wife started to recruit followers to take part in a special mission.

They began to teach a new doctrine. This doctrine was previously unheard of, they begin to teach that the peace and prosperity of the ancestors was a result of not being able to express their creativity fully.

Yakub taught and proved that there were certain aspects of our imagination and bodies that were deliberately suppressed by leaders and the 24 elders. He taught that the freedom and peace that they were experiencing was false because they were denied knowledge of aspects of mind and body. (Black Roots Science)

Yakub The Father Of Mankind

Most people were opposed to this new teaching. In the Holy Quran, when the angels are presented with this information they question the result.

“And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You.” He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know.”

Holy Quran 2:30

It is important to remember that even though Yakub was the first to bring evil into the Universe that only knew peace he was not evil. Yakub was destined for this work as it helps the universe to discover all that is within itself. Our Universe seeks an increase in knowledge and experience. The original people of our planet are considered the wisest in the Universe because they are willing to experiment on themselves for the sake of wisdom.

“Yakub was the same as we until he entertained the idea of making an enemy for us. Yakub himself was not an enemy but his wisdom, knowledge, and know-how, to make an enemy for us caused him to be classified then as being a chief devil or enemy of the righteous.”

Elijah Muhammad

Island of Pelan or Patmos

There is evidence of the making of a moral from the essence (sperm) of another in the Holy Quran.

“When your Lord said to the Angels: Surely I am going to create a mortal of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.”

Holy Qur-an Sharrieff 15:28

There were a number of people during that time who were curious about the teaching and were willing to follow Yakub and Maitseye. These individuals would eventually become the 60,000 Elohim who founded this world for the 6,000-year cycle of self-forgetfulness.

These 60,000 volunteers would be taken to the island of Palan to begin an experiment that would last six thousand years.

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God’s Timeline – 6,000 Year Rule

 Yakub’s teachings which sparked the beginning of a 6000-year cycle.  This cycle would be known as the cycle of self-forgetfulness or ” this world” in the Bible.

 This cycle would bring about a new people with a nature that opposed to peace.  In fact,  even the plants and animals of today are different by Nature then the original animal and plant totems.

 For example, there were no blood sucking animals or parasites in our ancient Society.  These animals are a direct reflection of the foul nature, thought processes, and actions of the people.

 The Earth’s magnetic field records the development of life from the thought processes and minds of it.’s inhabitants.  Animals and plants receive their developmental direction from this magnetic field.

 Each animal represents a partial manifestation of a portion of our minds and aspect of the character.  Modern scientists, have identified these portions of the brain and have categorized them as the mammalian brain, reptilian brain, and insectoid brain.

 These animals developed from a part of the human mind.  This is in direct contrast to the teachings of modern-day evolution.

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The Elders Prepared For The Arrival Of Yakub

There are two events in our ancient history that show evidence of the preparation prior to the arrival of Yakub and his world. These events are the deportation of the moon and self-isolation in the jungles of East Asia.

Deportation of the Moon – A Sign

The story of the Deportaion of the Moon shows that within the Original Man was a dormant part that was capable of opposing peace. The God Shabazz who made the moon wanted to destroy the entire population of the Earth.

“We used to say, and many of us still say, that Yakub was the first God of murder, which is true of his race (the white race) that he made. Now, the God who tried to destroy us along with himself, his effort to do so, caused the making of our MOON. The God of the MOON had murder and the destruction of the human family in his mind. He was not successful in doing so. Allah (God) used this history of that God to teach us what is in the mind of this people (the white race).”

Elijah Muhammad

The deportation of the moon is analogous to losing knowledge of self during our enslavement. Elijah compares the two events.

“The blasting away of MOON by an enemy that robbed the MOON of its life (water) and poured it onto this part of the planet Earth can also be compared to the evil white slave-traders, guided by John Hawkins, the explorer, to come among us and take us by force and bring us to this part of our Earth among strangers whom our fathers knew not.”

Elijah Muhammad

“Here, we the Black man in America stand as a MOON devoid of wisdom and the knowledge of self and others; and the MOON is devoid of water.”

Elijah Muhammad

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Jungles of East Asia

Another scientist, 50,000 years ago, by the name of Shabazz, decided to make a tougher people. This would prepare us for Yakub’s experiment and help us to endure slavery and disease that would be introduced by the made man.

“The origin of kinky hair came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, fifty thousand years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure life in East Asia (Africa) and overcome the beast there. But, he failed to get the others to agree with him. He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beast and we have.”

Elijah Muhammad

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Yakubian Doctrine

Yakub would come to be known as “the evil scientist” (even though he was not evil).  This is because he is the first one to bring violence, murder, and deceit to the universe.

 Yakub simply knew that “if your peace could be destroyed it was not worth much.”  He reasoned that the ancient people experienced peace and freedom simply because they had not experienced evil and ignorance which was suppressed by the Elders.

The Elders knew of Yakub and his destiny. In fact, they had prepared for his arrival 44,000 years prior to his arrival and mission. Yakub was unaware of this but was determined to complete his work.

The Elders are the only ones who know the destiny of each soul.  These Elders are wise to absolute perfection and possess what Jesus described as “the peace that passeth understanding”.  They know end and beginning and remained undisturbed by Yakub’s experiment.

 In the scriptures as the war between God and rebellious angels. In the scriptures, God “cast the rebels out of heaven.” In truth, the 24 Elders simply sent Yakub to the island of Patmos to complete his mission undisturbed.

Yakub possessed an unusual intelligence as he was a descendant of a new people who had their native intelligence altered 44,000 years prior by self-isolation.

Yakub Meaning

The name Yakub means “big head scientist”.  Yakub would be known by this name until he came into the fullness of the understanding of his mission.  He realizes that his mission was that of a  creator,  God of the non-blacks,  and patriarch of the Israelites.  After this realization, he would no longer be called Yakub but would be called Yahweh.

What Is Yakub’s Purpose?

“Now since he has discovered this essence, today we are under the God (Allah) to do away with that very essence in us so that no other man can make another people who are different from us. This will never happen again. That is why you are taught that you will be born again physically. This rebirth is in order to get rid of that wicked material in the very essence of the sperm of the Black Man. This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people.”

Elijah Muhammad

Yakub’s mission and purpose for making white people was to give flesh to that part of black people that lay dormant. Scientist of in the past, especially during the history of the deportation of the moon, have attempted to wipe all black people off of the planet. Such an action was so contrary to the peace that Black people had experienced for trillions of years at a time that it was truly an unexplainable phenomenon. When Yakub discovered this suppressed germ he found the very part of us that caused us to act contrary to good.  This recessive germ would manifest an aspect contrary to the nature of Black People.

“By giving this recessive germ flesh, God and (Good) was able to see, experience and understand Satan and (Evil) first hand. Furthermore, Elijah Muhammed clearly states “This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people.”

Elijah Muhammad

The Destiny of Yakub’s Made People

It is very important to understand where we are in history as told according to us. Our calendar works in 25,000 years periods and we are essentially at the midpoint. With time moving like a pendulum we are at a critical point in the span of Universal time and our minds and the magnetic field of the earth are at a turning point.

“Our God taught me that in the year “1” of our calendar time of 25,000 years, before we allowed another God to rule, the scientists said in the year 9,000, there will be a man born in that year, his name will be Yakub, and he will make a people who will live for 6,000 years.”

Elijah Muhammad

Understand this is the end of the cycle of self-forgetfulness and it is time for the mentally dead to wake up to their birthright.

Elijah Muhammed explains our mission at this time.

“We played sleep while they worked; now we are awaking and will build a new world which will make yours look like child’s play. We have above you seven inhabited worlds. They are with us. These seven worlds or heavens, the stars and the moon, show the weight of our brains.”

Elijah Muhammad

How much longer will Yakub’s Man Rule?

Yakub’s man will continue to rule as long as we continue to follow him in his filth and not the God of righteousness. We have to accept our own and do for self. We do not have to look outside of ourselves because we are “the ones.”

Elijah Muhamma explains, “Their time expired in 1914, but they have been given an extension of time, until the black man could be awakened out of his 6,000 year

Regardless of when we decide to get our act together there is an ultimate time limit. According to Elijah Muhammed Yakub warned his made man of this.

Elijah states that Yakub “told his people, the white people, “When you have lived on this earth 6,000 years, don’t try to run the 7th, because the in the 7,000th year, your brother coming from the East, He’s going to eat you up.”

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