Degrees of Knowledge

Supreme Mathematics – The Ultimate Guide

Supreme Mathematics is the origin and understanding of numbers. One of the most important numbers in the Universe is the number 1 billion 8 million. The first number in the universe are 1,2,3,7, and 12. These numbers are followed by 5 and 10. These seven numbers are perfect and complete. They are the foundation of all other numbers.

In this article, I will break down supreme mathematics, as the initiated and conscious Blackman and woman understand it. The reason why this information is important at this time is that it will give us a better perspective of what is to come.

Supreme Mathematics – Important Numbers

1 – Knowledge – Divine Unity – The Begining and End of All Things – God Begins As The Divine Unity of All Black People In The Universe

2 – Wisdom – Equality – Soul Mates – Man and Woman

3 – Understanding – Holy Trinity – Reality -Doer, Deed, Action – Elders, Chiefs, Judges – Man, Woman, Child – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Mother, Daughter, Divine Life – Unity, Physical Energy, Life 

7 – God- The Number of Completion

5 – Power and Refinement – Five fingers – Five Toes – Five limbs Surrounding the Human Torso (arm, leg, leg, arm, head, or A.L.L.A.H.)

10 – One God Backs Nothing Giving It Power and Perfection – One God Stands Behind Nothing to Create – Five Fingers Naturally Become Ten and the Basis for Counting.

12 – Tribes of The Black Nation – Social Relationships

24 – 24 Elders who are the Custodians of Divine Unity- “The 1b8m original people all withdrew from the divine unity except 24 people, 12 men and 12 women. They became the Kings and Queens called the 24 Elders, who are really 12 Gods or 12 soul mate couples. The 24 Elders are called the custodians of divine unity.”

144- 144 Chiefs who are the Custodians of Universal Energy – Creators of All Physical Conditions in the Universe

144,000 – 144,000 Judges Custodians of Divine Life – Creators of All Life

1,008,000,00 – Most Sacred Number in The Universe – The Number of Gods In the Universe – Creators of the Universe -The Maximum Number of Black People On Each Inhabited Earth

How To Use Supreme Mathematics – 1 To 1billion 8million

Number 1 – Divine Unity – All Mind

At the end of a given universe, all black people in the universe connect in the hearts and minds and form the One true supreme being God in a state of mind known as Divine Unity. 

In this State of Mind, all black people know the experiences of each other as their own and the One mind expands to the point where the stars and planets of the universe become the nuclei and electrons of the first earth for the new larger Universe (the entire universe becomes the size of earth and the process of building new stars and planets starts again, as above so below). 

Let’s be very clear God is not a spirit. Spirit, as it is referred to in modern religion, is simply the All mind and spiritual growth is knowledge.

Number 2 – Man and Woman

God splits from one into two. 

Number 3 – Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is simply the true name for reality. Doer, Deed, and Action. All reality consists of three things Unity, Energy, and Life. 

At the highest level of manifestation, the Holy Trinity is God(father/mother), Universe (son/daughter), life (Holy Spirit).

The personification of the Holy Trinity at the highest level is, the 24 elders (12 Fathers/12 Mothers and Custodians of Divine Unity), 144 Chiefs (72 Sons / 72 Daughters of the Elders and custodians of universal energy), 144,000 Judges (72,000 men/72,000 women and custodians of Divine Life)

Number 7 – The Number of Completion

Seven is the number of completion for all natural systems in the universe. There are seven openings in the human head, tones of music, messiahs, colors of the rainbow. 

The reason why we get the number seven follows from the number three is due to the fact that there is four interaction between the three. The three are independent and the interactions are dependent on their presence. 

There are three primary colors red, yellow and blue. These colors interact in four different ways. Red interacts with yellow forming orange (4th color). Red interacts with Blue forming indigo (5th color). Yellow interacts with blue forming green (6th color). All three colors interact giving violet the 7th color of the rainbow.

The Number 12 – The Number of Tribes

Twelve is the number representing social interactions. The purpose of all social interactions is mind expansion. God is perfect and efficient and has chosen the number 12 for mind expansion. 

The divine abstract form of efficient social interaction is a sphere. A sphere represents expansion perfectly because it expands equally in all directions. 

The limit to the number of social interactions to maximize efficiency is 12. The reason for this is described mathematically in the 3-dimensional kissing number problem. 

According to Wikipedia, “In geometry, a kissing number is defined as the number of non-overlapping unit spheres that can be arranged such that they each touch a common unit sphere.” [1]

In three dimensions this number is 12. 

Thus the number 12 is ideal for the purpose of mind and heart unity and expansion. The number of tribes in the Black Nation is 12. 

The 12 tribes thus surround the central unity of God. No tribe is closer to further removed than the other, all are in touch with the unity of God. 

The Number 1 Billion 8 Million – 1,008,000,000

The number, 1b8m, is the most sacred number in creation. The reason this is so is that it is the exact number of people who can live on the planet in complete peace. We can clearly see the result of going over this number especially in a world that was not built on peace. This world as it is was build by Satan and for Satan for the purpose of learning what it would be like if God forgot himself. It is now time for God to remember himself and come back to his own.

The number 1 billion 8 million is reached as follows:

12 multiplies by 12 when 12 God pairs (24 Elders) choose 12 assistants making the 144 Chiefs.

144 multiplies by 1000 when 144 Chiefs each choose 1000 assistants making the 144,000 Judges

144,000 multiplies by 1000 when the 144,000 Judges choose 1,000 leaders and the population becomes 144,000,000

144,0000,000 multiplies by 7 when the population of 144,0000,000 each have 2 children per couple over 7 generations of a 7,000 year lifespan.

144,000,000 multiplied by 7 gives the number 1billion 8million. Which is the natural maximum population for the Black Nation.

144,000,000 are born every 1,000 years and this is equal to the number of people who die at the age of 7,000.

This is how the ancient Black Nation goes from divine unity (one) to the most sacred number 1billion 8 million.

This number remains sacred even until today during the 6,000 year cycle of evil where we no longer have the same lifespan. There are always 1billion 8million black people/incarnated Gods on earth.

According to Wikipedia, there about 140 million black people in the diaspora [1]

1,008,000,000 – 140,000,000 = 868,000,000 Black Africans that should be Living in Africa (This number excludes white and arab populations making up about 336,300,000 break down is below). Let’s see if this number holds up.

Africa Total Population of 1,200,000,000 -330,000,000 Arab Africans [2] – 6,300,000 White Africans [3] = 863,700,000

868,000,000 -863,700,000 = 4,300,000 more Black people scattered throughout the rest of the world. That’s only a 0.43% error! Work is shown below.

The Percent Error Calculation

Step 1

|(1,008,000,000)-([140,000,000+(1,200,000,000-330,000,000-6,300,000)]| /([140,000,000+(1,200,000,000-330,000,000-6,300,000)

Step 2

|(1,008,000,000)-(140,000,000+ 863700000)| /(140,000,000+863700000)


4300000/1003700000= 0.00428414865

0.00428414865 *100= 0.428414865% error or 0.43% error

Now, this really proves that black people are the 1billion 8million original Gods of the Universe.

The other 5 billion plus people on the planet, while many of them have melanin do not have the Black Gene or Germ that is the seat of God. Thus these races from Brown to White cannot independently produce a black child unless they procreate with a Black person.