Degrees of Knowledge

360 Degrees of Knowledge – 36 Neters 33 Degrees Summary

Yahweh and the Elohim, the Gods of this world created a system of knowledge for this age and established it 6,000 years ago. This system of knowledge was split into three components 360 Degrees, 36 Degrees, and 33 Degrees.

360 Degrees of Knowledge Summary


The first and highest system of knowledge is 360 Degree or as Erika Badu puts it “three dollars and six dimes”. The Knowledge of 360 Degrees is known as the circle of knowledge or the Serpent Knowledge and was designed for Black People during this 6,000 year cycle. The reason why the symbol of a serpent or a circle is used is because the starting point is the same as the end only at a higher level. For example, when a snake coils its head rest on its tail. The head and tail are at the same point but one is higher.

Yakub of Yahweh took the 360 degrees of knowledge and condensed them into 6 parts. Each of these 6 parts has 60 degrees of knowledge. This 60 degrees of knowledge corresponds to the average human lifespan of 60 years during this 6,000 year cycle. Thus, there are a total of 360 degrees or 60*6.

This system is designed for Black People or the 1 billion 8 million Gods that reincarnate into countless trillions of personalities throughout the universe. There is no beginning or end to this process. This First self or Higher self is our inner guide. Each person that comes into this world is made to gain a certain experience. Our inner guide or eternal self leads us to fulfill our purpose or life mission and thus the book written in stone (Pyramids as a History Book).

360 Degrees of Knowledge Lessons

One simple way to get in closer touch with this inner guide is to ask yourself a simple question once in the morning and once at night over a period of a few months and then simply go with the first answer that comes to your mind. With practice, this exercise will gain momentum but keep the questions simple at the beginning by asking questions like ‘What will I wear today?’.

Another way to get in close touch with the higher self is through super learning or recall. You can do this by writing down your dreams and daily activities. For a more systemized method see the Level 2 of the book Black Roots Science. There is also a journal called Blackroots science level 2 Journal. A link to the schedule is below.

Level 2 Black Roots Science Schedule

33 Degrees of Knowledge Summary

Yakub took 33 degrees from the 360 degrees and established secret or mystery schools for non-blacks. Popular practitioners of the school of the 33 degrees are Freemasons and Shriners. The highest practictioners of these are TheoThose who qualified learned 3 additional degrees of knowledge making up the school of 36 degrees.

36 Neters or Degrees of Knowledge Summary

The schools of 36 degrees would become known as the 36 Neters in Egypt. The word Neter meaning truth is sometimes misinterpreted to mean Gods. Vodun or Voodoo is a popular African religion that practices the school of 36 degrees. I will outline one of the three higher degrees below.

Masonic Degrees Above 33

One of these three degrees is known as the ‘psychic’ phenomena. This degree is controlled through lucid dreaming or dreams that feel real and can alter ones life if allowed. This was used as a teaching tool in our ancient times but has deviated to be used to cause individuals to believe in and experience a false sense of reality. This degree uses the principles of imagination and resonance. The misuse of this science involves entrapment and the use of the laws of rhythms. When as person who understands this degree starts an imagination and finds others who are sympathetic to it. The power of these imagined world originate only from the willing participant. Over time entire worlds of ‘ancestral spirits’ have been made but only affect willing participants.