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Purpose of the Pyramids of Giza – Who Built the Pyramids

Are you wondering who built the pyramids? There are seven functions of the pyramid but one purpose was to help our ancestors chronicle the movements of the stars. This was important because our ancestors knew that there was no difference between astronomy and physics (as above, so below). The true original purpose of the great pyramids of Giza has escaped modern archeologist. Those Egyptologists who get close to the information revealed in this blog post are often ridiculed and discredited.

Who Built The Pyramids of Gza?

There are seven basic functions of the pyramids. Much of the technology used by the ancient Egyptians has been lost during the 6,000 year cycle of self-forgetfulness. This is not “Alien technology” or the work of some “Ancient Aliens” as some early astronaut theorist would like you to believe. But as Egypt was known as Kemet meaning “land of the Blacks”, you can find the origins of the pyramids and their purpose in ancient Black technology.

15,000 years ago the King of the Earth build the Great Pyramids at Giza. These three pyramids represent the 24 elders, 144 Chiefs, and 144,000 Judges. The first pyramid built was the smallest one and most important, this pyramid represents the 24 elders. The second pyramid built, in the middle, represents the 144 Chiefs. The final and largest pyramid built represents the 144,000 Judges.

The Seven Purposes of The Pyramids of Giza

The First Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Electric Power

The first function of the Pyramid of Gza was to transmit electricity. The type of electricity is transmitted was at a higher energy level than what we use today using the assistance of wires. Nicola Tesla actually was getting close to ‘rediscovering’ the use of this type of technology but the greedy nature of those in power did not allow him to test his more scrutinized or ‘far-fetched’ ideas.

As light ranges from infrared to ultraviolet, electricity, and all seven states of matter range in this way. The form of electricity used was transmitted directly through space (ether) like the way radio waves are transmitted today. The receiving stations for these transmissions were known as obelisks. Two that have been moved from their original location are the one in Central Park in New York and Cleopatra’s Needle in London.

The ancients had a high reverence for technology and saw it as a gift from the God. They only used this technology when it was necessary for the benefit of the group or the whole community. At other times they used simple hand tools. These hand tools were used as our ancient society understood the importance of the exersize gained from everyday work. This is why many archeologist believe that the ancient Egyptians did not have advanced technology as the vast majority of tools that they find seem primitive. They also date the pyramids to the time of Pharaohs, which is wrong as the pyramids of Giza were built about 15,000 years ago. However, they understand that the stone is too hard to cut using these tools so they go as far as to attribute them to aliens rather than their true Black makers.

The technology used during that time added value to the natural balance of the forces of the universe. Technology today actually causes degeneration in the form of the evil extremes of greed and coldheartedness.

The Second Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Preservation

All Giza Pyramids

The pyramids are used to preserve life, both animals and plants during natural cataclysm. This is where the legend of Noah’s Arc comes from.

The Third Purpose of The Pyramids – Space Travel

Pyramids that are larger than the pyramids of Giza are made from asteroid stone. These monolithic Pyramids are uses to transport large groups of people (12,000) throughout different parts of the cosmos. This is how the ancients traveled from the star system Sirius to seed the planet earth.

The Fourth Purpose of The Pyramids – Balance the Earth Energies

The earth naturally has 12 nodes or points of energy where space energy enters our planet. These energy points need to be kept in balance in order not to disrupt the earth’s natural magnetic field. This magnetic field protects the earth from harmful rays and meteors.

The Fifth Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Book of Stone History

The great pyramid is designed by the leading scientist or God of a given 25,000 year history. It is the Book of Stone providing the history (future) of the events that are to take place over that 25,000 year period. We are in the year 15,000 or this 25,000 year period. A major event occurred 6,000 years ago that shapes the world that we see today, “this world” in the bible. They write this history in the sizes and types of stones used.

For example, there are 144,000 casting stones or limestone blocks used to build the Great Pyramid. These also represent 144,000 aspects of perfect character to be restored after the cycle of self-forgefulness (the past 6,000 years.

The Sixth Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Ascension and Ressurection

Pyramids were used as ascension machines and resurrection machines. Bodies were removed after the soul (personality) ascended primarily to the star system Sirius as was the case with the 60,000 Elohim.

There are 144,000 preserved bodies underneath the pyramid of Giza protected by magnetism and can only be opened by one of the 144 chiefs. These bodies are going to be used as the 6,000 year cycle of self-forgetfulness comes to a close. All of the seven mahdis have received one of these bodies and we will see ordinary black people begin to receive these bodies over the next years to come. These are going to become the Judges of the new society (promised land).

These bodies are actually preserved for black people who are alive now. These individuals will have activated their 12 strands of DNA through dietary restriction and mental exercises similar to ancient initiation. This modified initiation process is given in Level 2 of the book Black Root Science. These elect will be resurrected consciously into one of the preserved bodies. These elect can come from any society of the black nation but the vast majority of them will be the decedents of slaves.

These 144,000 perfectly preserved bodies will give birth to perfect children and the population will increase to 1 billion 8million as the remainder of original black Gods reincarnate.

The Seventh Purpose of The Pyramids of Giza – Divine Unity

The final purpose of the pyramids is to help facilitate Divine Unity which is held in the custody of the 24 Elders. This is a particular state of mind known as ‘heaven’. This state of mind is one where a person becomes one with his eternal self.

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2 thoughts on “Purpose of the Pyramids of Giza – Who Built the Pyramids

  • Rick Laviolette

    Is it possible the Giza Pyramids are a marker in time of the Younger Dryas Period which annihilated the life on Earth representing 3 impacts? 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, the Younger Dryas was believed to have been caused by meteor impacts. Some representations of the capstones depict them as spheres. Its capstone size, at 2 meters, is scaled to the pyramidal values representing the earth dimensions. Younger Dryas was a recent geological disaster in Earth’s timeline which melted polar caps and exterminated life here on a massive scale. There seems to be enough information to show it represents that disaster and the Pyramids were built to stand the test of time long enough for mankind to recover and understand what happened to cause the floods around the planet. The pyramids seem to coincide and remain as a warning of the last event to destroy life here.

    • newjeru

      15,000 years ago was a very important time as it was the start of our current 25,000 year cycle. According to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, “We make such history once every 25,000 years. When such history is written, it is done by twenty-four of our scientists. Once acts as Judge or God for the others and twenty-three actually do the work of getting up the future of the nation, and all is put into one book and at intervals where such and such part or portion will come to pass, that people will be given that part of the book through one among that people from one of the Twelve (twelve major scientists) as it is then called a Scripture which actually means script of writing from something original or book.

      There is a significance to the number 24 Scientists and the 25,000 years. The number twenty-four Scientists used is in accordance with the hours in our day and the measurement of the circumference of our planet around the equator and in the region of our Poles, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

      Our planet is not exactly 25,000 miles in circumference, it is 24,896 and we, according to astronomy, don’t have a full 24-hour day but near that–23 hours, 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The change made in our planets rotation at the Poles is about one minute a year and takes 25,000 years to bring about a complete change in the region of the Poles. The actual Poles are inclines 23 2 degrees to the plane of its orbit. The original black nation used 23 scientists to write the future of that nation for the next 25,000 years, and the 24th is the Judge or the one God, Allah. Allah taught me that, once upon a time they made history to last for 35,000 years. ” “According to the word of Allah to me, AMR. Yakub was seen by the twenty-three Scientists of the black nation, over 15,000 years ago. They predicted that in the year 8,400 (that was in our calendar year before this world of the white race), this man (Yakub) would be born twenty miles from the present Holy City, Mecca, Arabia. And, that at the time of his birth, the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the people would be: — 70 per cent satisfied, 30 per cent dissatisfied.

      And, that when this man is born, he will change civilization (the world), and produce a new race of people, who would rule the original black nation for 6,000 years (from the nine thousandth year to the fifteen thousandth year).After that time, the original black nation would give birth to one, whose wisdom, Knowledge and power would be infinite. One, whom the world would recognize as being the greatest and mightiest God, since the creation of the universe. And, that He would destroy Yakub’s world and restore the original nation, or ancient nation, into power to rule forever.”

      According to Black Root Science,
      “On the question of patriarchies, our society indeed did have patriarchies and matriarchies. Each one lasted for 25,000 years, after which the entire society reversed all its customs and adopted the other system. This is because our system of government is set up in such a way that the 24 Elders alternate when they rotate the leadership. In other words, the rule of each King, which lasts for 25,000 years, is immediately followed by that of a Queen, for the same length of time. So the people live under a patriarchy for 25,000 to 35,000 years, after which they live under a matriarchy for the same length of time, because 12 of the Elders are women and 12 are men.” and “Right now we are in the 15,000th year of a patriarchal system. The King of our earth has 10,000 years more to rule. He has absolute power on all important matters. If he did not, it would not have been possible to make the light races. Such an evil being would not have been made if the Queens had a say in it, because the turmoil, disruption and evil that was foreseen goes against the feminine nature, which is gentle and peace-loving.” and finally on the pyramids “The Great Pyramid also acts as a prophetic ‘book of stone’. It’s constructed in such a way that it tells the future story of the age we are in.Every King or Queen who rules the earth builds a stone pyramid as part of their ordination. In its construction, they ‘write’ the future of their 25,000-year reign.They do not write it in Hieroglyphs, but in the sizes and types of stones used, and the way they are placed, as well as the way the chambers are constructed. A person who is initiated into its mysteries can read the future events of the earth from it.” On your other question again According to Black Root Science, “The structures on Mars – the pyramids – were left there many thousands of years ago when the entire population of earth left to live there temporarily. This happens sometimes at the end of the 700,000-year period when all the 24 Elders have ruled the earth, and the earth is about to be cleansed using large and severe natural catastrophes. Depending on how intense the earthquakes are expected to be, the whole population will migrate off the earth and settle temporarily on another planet in our solar system. The last time such a mass migration happened was over 700,000 years ago. The population is deliberately reduced until only 144 million people are left. Then they take some animals and plants and seeds and store them in large pyramids, and build a covered city on another planet where they live until the earth becomes habitable again. These storage pyramids are the source of the legend of Noah’s ark. The pyramids and other structures you see on Mars were constructed at that time, many thousands of years ago. The original 12 pyramids that our first ancestors used to come to earth no longer exist. This happened 78 trillion years ago. Many, many other pyramids have been built and have disintegrated since then.”

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