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Three Types of Aliens- Extraterrestrial Species

4,000 years ago the three types of aliens or extraterrestrial species (insectoid, mammalian (humanoid), and reptilian) were genetically engineered by the made man with the help of the Elohim. These parts of the brain have been identified by modern scientist. The experiments that would produce these alien races occurred about 300 years before the birth of Moses.

For about 200 years these experiments ended in failure until the Elohim intervened. After that point it took about 100 years to perfect what had been produced.

These new races were highly intelligent where helped by the Elohim to leave Earth and live in other parts of the Galaxy. The secret experiments that produced these beings still occur to this day but often result in failure or monstrosities. These monstrosities include humanoid animals like Bigfoot and Yeti. An other cross genetic creations like the Chupacabra (these only live for a few generations due to a very low gene pool and abnormal makeup).

Types of Aliens: Grey Alien, Reptillian Species, Humanoid Alien Races

There are three basic types of extraterrestrials.

The first is the mammalian type or humanoid alien races. They are human looking. These are the most commonly seen type of extraterrestrial. These beings are sometimes seen as the “men in black”. These are also the Anunnaki. They are described as looking like blond Caucasians or Asians with dark hair. This race was produced near the Adrian Sea where modern-day Turkey and Greece are.

The Anunnaki lived on earth for about 200 years after they were made and colonized a part of the middle east near Iraq and Iran. They used the people there as slaves. They had wars with other extraterrestrials some involving nuclear bombs. The Elohim expelled them from earth because of these wars. They fought each other in other parts of the galaxy until they developed weapons that could annihilate each other. They have never fought with the Elohim.

The second type have been popularized by “conspiracy theorist” as the reptilian species of aliens. These aliens also look human like but have scaly skin and may be of various colors. This race was produced in Central America.

The insectoid beings are referred to as the Grey Alien. Depictions of these beings are often shown at Roswell, New Mexico. They look like human sized ants with two legs. The insectoid aliens were produced in the Middle East.

These three original extraterrestrial races have gone off to other parts of the Galaxy and not only increased in population size but have made their own humanoid races from both animals and plants.

What are the Extraterrestrials Like?

Our galaxy is now swarming with many humanoid beings. Some of these beings are self-conscious humans, whereas others are non-conscious biological robots.

Technology in our ancient society was not used as it is used today, to make life easier. Technology in our past was used to help the overall balance of the forces of nature. Technology in the past was earned by knowledge and understanding. Without this balance in mind as the basis, the two extremes of greed and over-technologization occur.

We experience the ill effects of greed everyday here on earth.

Over-technologization leads to over-intellectulization, or trading the heart for the mind. The extraterrestrials have given up all empathy, emotions and love for the sake of intellect.

The inability to feel emotions is actually the character trait that is causing their genetic deterioration as a species. Greed is causing most of the genetic issues and social problems that we see on earth under the rule of the made man.

Genetic Issues of Extraterrestrial Life

They have reached a particular problem. Because of the way they were made they are unable to procreate by normal means of sexual reproduction as their gene pool is limited. Their race is dependent upon the genetic material of non-blacks on earth, who themselves only have 1,000 more years as a physical species based on the law of momentum.

These alien races have been involved in artificial insemination, hybridization, and cloning to perpetuate their existence. All of these alien beings will perish in the coming 1,000 years its just a matter of universal law.

Extraterrestrial Plan of Deception

If they choose everlasting life they can continue exist in the mental realms of Yahweh as discussed in our post on ascension.

Now they also have created a very elaborate plan to take a massive group of people (mostly “Christians”) to their planets to be used and milked as genetic chattel in an event called the rapture. This event was set in motion about 2,000 years ago when the False Apostle Paul was planted to deceive the followers of Christ. They are going to use a false anti-messiah of the made man to perform this task. No black person’s first-self (God-self) would allow them to take such a role, it’s too far from their nature. The goal of the extraterrestrials is actually to deceive non-blacks primarily.

When you see this White False messiah appear, know that he is not the real messiah and that he is working with these extraterrestrial species. This is very important because soon after the real Black Yahweh will return with the Elohim and reclaim his Earth.

What You Need To Know About Aliens


Black people should just focus on obtaining and sharing a knowledge of self at this time. Our technology far surpasses theirs but is only given to initiates after they reach a certain level of knowledge, character, and understanding. It is important that we gain control over our emotions, thoughts and our minds that have really been ‘poisoned’ by modern society since birth. Besides all of our technology is controlled directly by our minds. Access is only given when ready as to not throw off the balance of nature.

Remember the human body needs the balance of both mind and heart to remain healthy. We can see the greed of the made man causing the deterioration of our current society and even their ability to procreate.

The extraterrestrial races are a different type of evil. They are cold-hearted and have sacrificed emotion and empathy for intelligence. All authentic abductees speak about this quality. This is the primary reason for their deterioration.

The point must be made that these extraterrestrials will not do anything to you against your will. The have a sophisticated system of leadership where their leaders have the most knowledge and wisdom. They rely on deception and getting people to willingly cooperate. Do do not have to worry once you know their deception.

There are no large cities of aliens on Earth. The Elohim limited them to only visiting the Earth shortly after they were made. The claims of underground cities are actually ‘bomb’ shelters created by governments to avoid natural disasters. The shelters are modified large natural caverns created by removing large amounts of gas or oil or when volcanic lava is removed by natural earth movements. The largest of these caverns is about 1 mile under Denver International Airport. People will try to hide in these places during natural disasters but they will eventually flood.

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